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Chris, Do Not Tease Me

Hi, Hi, Hi?[Rolling Stone]
For those who don't know, I was a HUGE *NSync fangirl back in the day. I was in bandom before even I knew what bandom was; before the internet!!! MTV was my best friend.

After the break-up, I never considered them doing a reunion especially since Chris is too old to dance (and he's apparently had 2 knee surgeries in 3 years). But when I read this People interview with Chris, a spark of hope flickered inside my dormant fangirl heart.
"You never know what the future holds. Anything could happen... I think when the stars are aligned, the time is right, and all 5 of us have our heads on straight and know the direction we're going as a band, it'll eventually happen."
If this is for real, I'm saving up now, because I would pay to see these five harmonize again. BRB, digging up my old "No Strings Attached" CD. Looks like it wasn't Bye, Bye, Bye after all.

*NSYNC Reunion Could Still Happen [People via Socialitelife]
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