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Mad Men 03x10: The Color Blue

Happy 40th Birthday Sterling Cooper! You folks sure know how to throw a posh party!!! And even if I didn't get my dose of Joan or Sal or Pete this episode, the little Sterling we get is enough to keep me going. You know what else we get? Lying, cheating Don. But what's new right?! We get a bit of Peggy who's adorable as always. When really, all I want is Pete/Peggy. And with 3 episodes left, I better get some of that.

Rachel Menken is still my favorite mistress
Seriously, Teacher may be pretty, but I do not like her one bit. I know Don's cheated around so much, it shouldn't really matter this time around but now he's helping her brother out and giving his card and money and NOT sleeping at home every night when Betty's alone with the kids and it's just not sitting well with me.

Look at Teacher get all attached. Complete with pretending to not-stalk him but hopping onto the same train and introducing him to her brother and not caring about anything about him as long as he's with her. WTF Teacher. I hope the school district finds out. NOTE: I do not know where all this rage is coming from but I do not like Teacher for Don.

Somehow, their hand holding feels far more evil
than their having sex. Do not want.

Betty knows your secret Don Dick Whitman
Oh to leave your keys in your robe and have your wife find it. It totally happens all the time. Or not. You know which keys I wish she'd find. The keys to Teacher's apartment -- so she can catch them in bed!!! Not that Don even has her keys. But this sucks. Cause now Betty's jumping to conclusions about the divorce with Anna Draper and instead of hearing him out because Don is busy screwing Teacher, she's just going to repress all the anger and confusion and when it becomes too much, Betty is going to explode.

And we get a wee bit of a taste during her telephone conversation with Don. That was one of the rare times I saw Betty show any anger or raising her voice to Don and I wish she'd have gone through with it. But as they said, you can't frame a telephone conversation. So perhaps Betty should send Don a telegram. It would read: You. Me. Over.

I need to know what Kinsey's Great Idea was
Oh look! They focused on Kinsey. Does this mean he gets fired next week too? I'm scared that the Sterling Cooper men are dwindling out and now with Kinsey feeling inadequate compared to Peggy's spontaneity, I'm afraid he's going to be next.

But look at Peggy try her best to prove to Don that she's a good employee. Great ideas and spontaneous at that. I'm really happy Peggy's showing how good she is because the men in this company are waaaay too lax and comfortable where they are. Go Peggy, ruffling their feathers.

I just wanted to show how adorable she is

Boohoo You miss Britain
I feel bad for his wife, really. But I swear I've seen this actress Embeth Davidtz (it took me FOREVER to find her name!) play Natasha in Bridget Jones and Mary Crawford in Mansfield Park that I just can't bring myself to like her. Though all her views are legitimate, I feel for Pryce, having to juggle work and his family. They never did say it was easy. And oh look! It's Mr. Scheffield! Moving on...

Sexy Silver Fox Sterling Steals the Show
I LOVE ROGER STERLING. Even when he's ranting and insecure to Bert Cooper, I love him. I always wondered why he was so much younger than Cooper and now we find out it was his father, Sterling Sr. that started the company with Bert. I love it. I can now imagine a younger Roger learning the ropes from his equally sexy dad, I'm sure.

And yay for his mom thinking Jane was Margaret and asking if Mona knew he was married to this girl. I too wonder why he really married her, but she seems to be great eye candy and a wonderful social climber. Still don't like you, Jane. Sorry.

Oh and look, he introduced Don Draper as many things, which included his "FRIEND." Do I sense a reunion of the bromance?! There better be. The season is winding down and I need a reconciliation. And even if Don was a major ass to Betty this week, somehow when he kissed her cheek, even just for show before taking his award, I felt the Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week come alive. More like Roger Sterling charms me, but he always does, right?

OH Don. If only you came clean with Betty, she would be delighted to watch you and proud to be by your side. Instead, she's probably plotting ways to bring you down. While she goes off gallivanting with the governor's boy. Gross. I still can't believe there are just 3 episodes left.

Roger: He's loyal, charming, quiet but not modest.
Why shouldn't he? We have to thank his beautiful wife,
Betty and his three children for sharing him with us.
Because as we all know, sometimes, Sterling Cooper
gets the lion's share. Bert Coper and my father,
Roger Sterling Sr bravely set this in motion,
forty years ago. And now let me introduce the man
who will stand by me for the next forty years,
our creative director, partner, father, husband
and friend, Donald Draper.

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