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Something Rising In My Veins -- 41 Down/11 to Go[me]
[+] I got to leave the office for official business this week. Read: I had to dress up a bit; so thanks Tito Dennis for the abundance of scarves which I don't know how to wear! It was fun but tiring. Thank god I'm not on the sales team.

[+] I signed up for the pattinsonlife Rob-spamming challenge during my four-month unemployment vacation and it was due in this week. Took me forever to make, not that it's mega complicated, but it was fun to make. You can check it out if you're bored.

[+] Yes, that is an entire wall of Converse sneakers to the right. I too was shocked to see that many shoes, though I shouldn't have been as it was the Converse office. And yes, I am wearing a bumblebee headdress that's meant for my manager's 3-month old son. Don't laugh.

[+] I hope everyone's upcoming week is a great one and doesn't go by too fast.

And yet another week starts with lots of work to do, but I manage to get by. Some of my officemates won the 'office lottery' and got passes to watch "Wowowee" (an extremely popular noon time show) live. Oh the 'perks' of this job. I wouldn't have minded tagging along even if I can't stand the show on TV just cause I'd get to ditch work for a bit. Great days are made of these: lunch out after my first client meeting (I was nervous even if I didn't really have a role.) The amazing chinese food was so fantastic. Add to that, catching up with 2 of my favorite people: Sophie and Hazel. Then finding 2 wonderful fic: The Sweetest Thing and How I Ruined My Life in 14 days!!! I want more days like this. I didnt think I'd enjoy going to client meetings, but I do. We went to Ortigas and it was just fun cause staying in the office can get a little redundant. Sure, i wasn't really needed in the meeting, but it was just good to get out. Plus some Jericho Rosales? Yes please. But then I find out we're presenting to the big bosses the next day and that kills the high. I was so nervous going into the presentation and even during presentation that I was stammering and talking really fast. It's a wonder how our director even understood me. She's such a nice lady and really brilliant at her job, so obviously I was scared shitless. I'm terrified of questions I can't answer. I'm glad things went well though. I hope I don't have to do this again soon.
It was the first time my manager left me to my own 'devices' and I had to deliver things by myself. It felt weird not being supervised but it felt good too knowing that I was able to accomplish things. But really more than that, it was a great day just because it was Friday. Even if I forgot my mobile at home, I was just happy for the weekend. Ever since i started working, i find I prefer spending weekends lazing around at home. Not that I don't go out, but now I'd rather curl up with great fic, as always. Emancipation Proclamation did update! Fantastic! Art After 5 ended already, for reals. I wonder if I'll ever feel like going out on my too short weekends. Probably not. I still haven't watched Vampire Diaries or Melrose Place but I blame it on reading fic -- again. I just started two new ones, though they're not really new. A Constant in the Darkness and Love Among the Ruins. Reading fic was peppered with eating copious amounts of food. I'm getting to be lazy and fat. Wonderful!
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