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(7 out of the) 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

I wonder how exactly they make these lists. I love watching these countdowns on TV or reading them in magazines and this year, Empire's list has all of my top girl crushes and manjoyment (no Prince Harry for obvious reasons though). How cool is that? Or this could just be a sign of my very mainstream tastes. But really, finding this list is a nifty excuse to make a mini-spam of my favorite beautiful people. Ha! Like I really need an excuse to do that. You can check out the rest of the list at Empire Online.

42 Jennifer Garner

Though she's taken a break from arse-kicking of late (Juno, The Invention Of Lying, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past) there's a definite appeal to her old face-punching ways, combining her beauty, wit and ability to open up cans of whip-ass in the likes of Elektra and Alias. Striking good looks, great sense of humour and she performs her own stunts? What. A. Woman.

Most alluring as... The twin sai-weilding ninja assassin critics loved to hate in the ill-advised Daredevil spin-off, Elektra.

Interests include... Cooking, gardening, hiking, kickboxing and Ben Affleck.
I'm glad Jennifer made it! Though she's near the bottom, I wasn't sure if she'd made the cut, but with her recent movies all in a row, it would be impossible to ignore her. I know she's moving on to bigger and better (and more serious) things, but I'm hoping she does another 13 Going on 30 type. I know Valentines Day could fill that niche, but it's an ensemble cast. Still, beggars can't be choosers.

22 Rachel McAdams

It helps that she's blessed with flawless girl next door looks, of course, but McAdams is proof positive that intelligence is sexy as hell. A fantastic actress who has refused to play the game thus far, taking supporting roles in good movies rather than leads in shitty ones, a smartness shines through in McAdams' eyes no matter what the role, no matter what the circumstances. This is a gal who likes to break a mental sweat, and that's very attractive.

Most alluring as... She's pretty much refused to sexxx her roles up thus far, and good on her for that. However, her upcoming turn as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes looks to be pretty damned raunchy.

Interests include... She's committed to saving the planet - not only does she not own a car, instead taking the bus to work when she can, but she co-founded an environmentally-friendly website, We'd advise you to check it out, but you'd really be better off turning off your computer entirely.
Of course McAdams makes it to the list. I'm surprised she didn't make it higher though! With Sherlock Holmes coming out and Morning Glory wrapping up, I'm sure we've got lots to look forward to from Rachel. Do I want another The Notebook or rather a reunion with Ryan Gosling? Why not right? But it doesn't look like that's happening in a long time. If, at all. Boo.

16 Jake Gyllenhaal

He won everyone over as the awkward but magnetic Donnie Darko, but since then he's grown into true leading man territory, mixing great performances in artier fare like Brokeback Mountain and Zodiac with big blockbusters like The Day After Tomorrow and the forthcoming Prince of Persia.

Most alluring as... Well, we're actually partial to his wow-biceps, sparkly dressed rendition of Dreamgirls' And I Am Telling You, which he performed on Saturday Night Live (sadly no longer online). Otherwise, his somewhat nekkid turn in Jarhead.

Interests include... Gyllenhaal's a keen cook and is reportedly planning to open his own organic restaurant.
I can't believe Jake made the list, but I'm glad he did. I haven't seen him in a movie in FOREVER and so Prince of Persia better bring it. Ever since getting together with Reese, I've seen less of him. I shouldn't complain, but there was a time when all I'd see was Jake. Still, looking forward to some new films like Brothers with another list-maker Natalie Portman.

15 Zac Efron

People who have never seen a Zac Efron movie tend to hate him, but if you actually see him do his thing he's well-nigh irresistible. He has a real knack for playing the popular, attractive high-school jock and still being likeable, and then there's the six-pack, dancing ability and willingness to sing about his feelings, bless 'im.

Most alluring as... Mike O'Donnell in 17 Again, leavening the boyish charm with some older, world-weariness. A hint of the Efron to come.

Interests include... Collecting autographed baseballs, watching Flight of the Conchords and reading manga and comic books.
Well hello Mr. Efron. Something tells me if this were made pre-high school musical, he wouldn't have made the list either. So god bless Disney for that. But really, I'm psyched to see Zac break out of his Disney mold and move on to more 'mature' films -- no I don't mean taking his off his clothes, though I wouldn't complain. Too bad Vanessa didn't make the list with him. Better luck next time?

12 Anne Hathaway

Another starlet so perfect that she could have been created in a lab, Hathaway is blessed with eyes so big and wide and pretty that she could take the lead in a live-action version of Bambi. In fact, with her pixie-like face and stunning figure, she also seems to have been modeled on another Disney character: Mary Poppins. After all, she's practically perfect in almost every way.

Most alluring as... We're going to ignore the two movies in which she has appeared sans bra, because we're classy, and focus instead on Get Smart, to which she brought much-needed sex appeal as Agent 47.

Interests include... Juggling. No, seriously. She knows how to juggle. So if the career goes tits-up, she can always take herself off to the circus.
One of my original girl crushes, I liked her since the Princess Diaries, and haven't stopped loving her since. Even after the entire Rafaello-fiasco, Anne continues to get really great films in a wide variety. I'm excited to see her with Jake in Love and Other Drugs but really, I'm just looking forward to her work. I'm glad she brushed up herself and got up after her break-up.

7 Kristen Stewart

The subject of much fangirl opprobrium, thanks to her on-and-off-screen relationships with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Stewart still places high on the list because a) she's staggeringly beautiful and b) her don't-give-a-fuck attitude is sublimely sexy. In the likes of Twilight and Adventureland, she's a world away from her debut in Panic Room, when she looked like a Macauley Culkin tribute band.

Most alluring as... Em Lewin in Adventureland - sparky, human, and plenty sexy, in a surly, take-no-shit kinda way.

Interests include... She's a voracious reader, with favourite authors including Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski and Albert Camus. No word yet if Stephenie Meyer's on the list...
Well look who made it to the Top 10? Twilight obviously had a ton to do with this as Kristen's been around for quite some time. What she said was seriously true: about Twilight opening doors for her. I doubt she'd be on this list without it. Not that her other movies aren't great, cause they are, but she wouldn't have gotten this much attention. And as long as she's got a long career after Twilight, I'll be fine.

2 Robert Pattinson

A recent addition to "Sexiest" lists everywhere, Robert Pattinson and his messy mane have won hearts all over the world with his turn as veggie vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga. Those over 25 may roll their eyes, but the combination of plum roles in hit novels (see also: Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), a posh accent, musical ability and that enormous haystack on his head means half the teenage world adores him.

Most alluring as... Gotta be Edward Cullen, with all that restrained passion and the penchant for melting glances.

Interests include... He's also a talented pianist and guitarist, and contributed tracks to the Twilight soundtrack.
I knew Rob would maek the list but I didn't expect him to be all the way up there. Then again, I should have. With all this Twilight-mania, it was only fitting that he made it right below Johnny Depp -- there are comparisons to Mr. Depp after all. But more than this, I hope that in the long run, even after the Saga is over, that he still makes these lists as a relevant actor.
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