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Bones 05x05: A Night at the Bones Museum

[Bones Online]
You know what I miss? A big case that would last the entire season. Something that won't be solved in just one episode. I always liked those. Not that I didn't appreciate this week cause Bones once again entertains me with the the return of Sweets' lady love, some B/B cuteness, a tiny dash of Angela/Hodgins, some great wardrobe for Cam Saroyan and some good old mummification. What more could I ask for?

Daisy Needs To Pipe Down A Bit
I love Sweets and am glad he's got a lady in his life, but somehow I'm just not really sold on Daisy. I thought it was cute how she was really trying her best to tone herself down and be 'serious' and all, but it's obviously not working and the effort she puts in is incredible. Plus, she and Bones squeeing over mummies together is just adorable

Sweets as a supportive boyfriend is even sweeter with Daisy. I'm glad we got a bit more Sweets this week. And look at them getting it on in the Egypt section. Oh kids. You guys are cute.

Booth is So Jealous Of Andrew His Boss
You can totally tell. From the moment Hacker asks to have a private moment with Bones to when Bones talks about Hacker wanting to have sex with her, you can see the wheels in Booth's brain turning. And can we really blame him?! She went from wanting his sperm for her child, to telling him his boss is a possible sex partner, I can't imagine how he's feeling.

And Bones totally talked about Booth not because he's what she and Hacker have in common but because obviously little Booth trivia is what fills Brennan's mind other than her forensic anthropology skills. I swear, the moment she mentioned him on a date? Warning sign!!! And way to go Angela for calling Brennan out on not seeing Booth as someone she can sleep with. Yay for planting that seed.

How intense was Booth with the egg and the meatloaf story! I swear I died when he didn't confirm that she wasn't the only one he shared that meatloaf story with! He shares things for Brennan's ears only! See Brennan! He thinks you're special. Now time to reciprocate please?!

What Happens Between them Is Theirs
This scene just kills me because not only do we get an almost kiss (or so I'd like to believe), but we get Booth and Brennan in pretty clothes and Brennan taking a step forward, no matter how small it is for her. At least she's acknowledging that there are things that are for her and Booth only.

AND LOOK AT THE WAY THEY'RE GAZING INTO EACH OTHER'S EYES. Way to go Angela for impeccable timing. But look, she's fixing his bowtie and he touched her hair. I can die now. More of this please, Hart Hanson? OKay? Thanks.


Booth: So Andrew, he told me
you were going to take him to this thing.
Bones:: I was but you and I, this is our case.
And I guess, what goes on between us.
That should just be ours. Isn't that what you said?
Booth: Yeah

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