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Glee 01x07: Take Down

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This how has the power to make me stay up beyond my 'bed time.' Really. In between Mike Chang's popping and locking and my wishing Terri died in a fire (like I do every week), it managed to take away my sleepiness -- I was so tempted to actually just skip watching tonight and wait till tomorrow. Would you believe that? Still, I'm glad I stayed up because as usual, Glee brings it. And brings it good with Sue Sylvester.

Sue + Sunglasses? VERY HOT
SUE NEEDS TO HAVE HER OWN WEB SHOW. Fox needs to do this just so we get even more Sue every week. And if I were to list down every funny thing that Sue said in this episode, I wouldn't finish because everytime she opened her mouth, I was laughing my ass off. I love how she 'cares' for minorities. Sue is just pure genius.

oh and her monologue with WIll in the start and how she found herself regal looking even when mad? So very Sue. She really does need to get this livejournal of hers because the content would be hilarious if she did have one.

Sue C's You Pregnant, Q!
But look, she's got a sort of heart. Trying to make up with Will. So she outted Quinn's pregnancy, I guess it was only a matter of time till it was out anyway -- her baby bump would show. The bottom line? Sue can do no wrong in my eyes. It doesn't hurt that she's hilarious as hell either.

Drizzle Fabray-Hudson Would be Adorable
Finn being all excited over the baby is real sweet. Wanting to name her Drizzle and just being all sorts of adorable with Quinn is too precious. That's why I wish Quinn would come clean with the paternity of the kid, cause Finn really seems to be torn between Rachel and Quinn. And though it was harsh how he told Quinn he wished she were more like Rachel, he's a high school boy after all.

And how sweet is Rachel? Sure, she did the panty thing to protect Finn, but by extension Quinn too was protected. She didn't have to, but she did anyway. And Rachel calling Quinn out on practicing singing more was a great way for Rachel to stand up for herself. Go Rachel! I didn't find her the least bit annoying this time around. And yes, folks, that's how you do a walk out.

I get where Quinn's coming from being all protective of her man, but she really doesn't have a right to do this right now. Nevertheless, it's nice to see hera act normal. I still pray she tells Finn so she and Puck can raise this kid together. I wish they had more interaction in this episode.

I'm Starting a Petition To Kill Terri Off
I wasn't even going to cap anything with Terri, but the look on Will's face is so priceless when he's crying over his baby, that I had to include it. Terri and sister blackmailing the doctor? Despicable and not entertaining in a Sue is evil sort of way. Terri really needs to go away now. I think I'll make it a point to say this until she does get the boot.

Sing For No Reason At All

Hate On Me
I love how Sue chooses this song for the 'minority' group. Mercedes once again does a fantastic job, though i have to say Mike Chang once again steals the show with his moves. Still, I wish Tina or Artie would do a solo soon. Or Mike Chang does one entire Usher/JT song dancing. Now that would be pretty epic.
Ride Wit Me
How adorable are the kids just spontaneously bursting into song?! Let your inner gleeks shine, my pretties! And of all the songs, they do some Nelly!? I hope they do some of these every week. An a capella version of them just 'covertly' singing and all. Of course, Mike Chang gets props for his moves too but Puck owns this for playing the guitar. OH yeah.
No Air
Finn and Rachel have a favorite move where they hold arms and then slip till they reach the hands. I need new choreography Mr. Schu. But their vocals are great. I love the original song and hearing them do it was just wow. I thought I would be more emotionally moved by it, but I wasn't. Not complaining at all though.
You Keep Me Hanging On
First thing that comes to mind is Blake Lewis From AI6 not going to lie about that, and since his rendition of this one was so different, I'm not used to hearing the traditional-ish version anymore. I love how they gave Quinn an entire solo though. And yes Finn, you shouldn't keep her hanging on anymore. Plus cheerios dancing is always win.
Keep Holding On
Not my favorite Avril song or just song at all but obviously, Glee turns things around for me. I get why Quinn would be emotional over this, but I saw Mike Chang and the other football dude really emoting in the background like they were crying. Did I miss something?! Still, great vocals. Meh song. Sorry Avril.
Though not my super favorite episode, it was a pretty damn fantastic one as usual. So many song numbers and very random ones at that. I wonder how next episode turns out. I hope there's less Terri, more Emma and Ken and more other gleeks! I know they've got it in them as well.
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