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90210 02x06: White Alaskan Salmon

[90210 Media]
Oh the pitfalls of highschool. You know how you mess things up when they're already pretty great? Well not that I can personally relate as there was nothing to mess up in high school (romantically?) but why can't the just keep the happy people, happy together? I mean really. I hope the writers know where they're taking this, though it does make for a more 'compelling' series. I know, I'm being vague.

Silver Gets Guilty
And I totally don't mind that she's taking care of her mom. Sure, the woman was evil and all that, but she looks like she's legitimately dying -- unless the nurse is in on the act too. I didn't watch the original 90210 to know how evil she was, but yes, banishing Silver from the house was a pretty shitty thing to do, but I'm glad Silver's trying to be the bigger person by being a help to her dying mom. Kelly will probably come around.

And what's up with this Kelly/Harry thing?!? Seriously!? How weird is it for Ryan to have Harry as his wingman and now Debbie hears Harry utter Kelly's name in a drunken stupor?! I DO NOT WANT THIS. Break everyone else up, but leave Harry and Debbie alone!!!

Jen really is EVIL
Poor Poor Naomi. Jen's got her wrapped around her little finger. And she's done this 'trick' so many times before. I really feel bad for Naomi just because Jen's using the you're-my-sister-and-best-friend line so let's not let money get in the way bullshit again and Naomi's falling for it. Naomi needs another adult figure to show her how things are NOT working with her and Jen.

And I really hope Jen's bullshit all blows up in her face. Hopefully Ryan gets a new girl. Though they're cute together, evilness just doesn't sit well with me (for Ryan). Jen's fun though. A little evil is always fun on this show.

Stupid Adrianna, Really Stupid
So this totally proves this shows how silly we can get when in high school and in love. OH ADRIANNA. You really know how to mess up a good thing. Poor Navid though. I really felt bad for him while he ranted to Dixon and Liam and even went to ask for help from Teddy!!! I'm glad he didn't cave in and take her back. Go Navid. Give it a few episodes at least. Let her pine and realize what a great boyfriend you are.

And yeah, there's that Annie thing. But looks like Jasper really is crazy, so well, good luck to her? I feel bad for her that she isn't getting any breaks at all. Maybe she and Teddy should get together. Or wait, Teddy isn't into relationship. So I guess Annie is screwed. Over-all, it wasn't my favorite episode, just because it was sad all over, but enjoyable nonetheless. I hope next week gets a bit happier though.
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