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Gossip Girl 03x05: Rufus Getting Married

[You Know You Love Me]
And this week's episode gets even more ridiculous yet so very entertaining as well. I love how I go from srs bsnss Mad Men Mondays, to totally fluffy and absurd Gossip Girl Tuesdays. But anyway, if the name of this episode isn't blatant enough, we obviously get some nuptials in this episode and quite possibly the most caps I've done this season. I can't believe I'm caring about other storylines that aren't Chuck and Blair!

Could Carter Really Be a Changed Man for S?
I have concluded that I'm actually digging Serena and Carter together. He's probably the first guy they paired to her that I'm not cringing. Of course, nothing beats early season 1 Dan/Serena, but since they're step siblings now, I obviously don't want the plot to go there. I'm actually hoping things work out for Carter and Serena just because I'm caring about her now that she's with him.

And was it just me or Serena looking ridiculously amazing! During the first part of the wedding, when her breasts weren't falling out of her dress, I thought she looked better than Blair (at the wedding!) I realize they always make Blair look less pretty when Lily gets married. It's but fair I guess. It is Serena's mom's event after all.

Somehow Georgina Is Gotten Rid of In The Silliest Way Again
The writers seriously need to write in a better way of getting rid of Georgina the next time they decide to bring her around. Last season we got her being dragged off to Bible camp and this time around, we get her whisked away by what I'm assuming is a fake Belrusian prince?! SERIOUSLY GEORGINA!? WRITERS?!

This is the girl who just schemed her way throughout the entire show, messing not just with Vanessa and Dan but ruining Rufus and Lily's wedding AND hurting LoveChild all at once only to be brought down by this fake prince?! I don't buy it. Nevertheless, I thought it was hilarious how she had the idiot board for Vanessa, coaching her along with Dan. Also, Vanessa + Photoshop + OPEN Dorm Room Door = WIN.

Poor N, Bree's a Bad Girl
Poor Pretty Boy. I swear this was the lamest break up ever as well. Really Bree?! Your Texan ways come first? Why do I feel like this isn't the last we'll see of her? And what happened to the I-actually-have-some-personality-Nate from last episode? I guess he used up all his emotions last time bromancing with Dan. Oh well, it was too good to last. For now, let's be contented with his solemn-pensive-longing-pretty-boy look.

The Supposed Focus Of This Episode
I used to love Rufus/Lily in season 1 especially with those phone calls he'd made during Hi, Society, but I just wasn't feeling their will-we/won't-we tie the knot plot (ooh it rhymes!) this episode. I felt they dragged it on waaaaay too long. I get Lily's scared and they aren't in the same realm but we love each other so it'll conquer all but not really cause it's her fifth marriage schtick. But really, an entire episode? I guess it was but fair to give them ONE episode dedicated to them, but I wish they'd made it tighter and instead focused on either a) A better getting rid of Georgina (again) plot; or b) MORE ERIC AND LITTLE J. But I'll go to that later.

Instead, we get LoveChild being mopey and confronting ish his parents. Rufus pleading with Lily to (wo)man up and marry him and Sonic Youth singing to an audience that could honestly care less if they were there. Oh well, I'll give it to them. It was 20 years in the making after all. Let's hope this one lasts.

Little J and E are so my new OTP
I swear I wasn't such a big Jenny fan these past two seasons but this time around, with all her exposure with Eric, I'm totally loving her. Perhaps it's transference? My love for Eric knows no bounds and because he's with Jenny A LOT, I end up liking her? I think so. Oh and look at Queen J dismissing one of the new mean girls cause she had nothing to contribute. I sense silent satisfaction from her predecessor, Queen B. Well done, your highness.

I still wish Eric had more screen time, but I won't be picky. He got quite a number of shots this time around. Now if he only got actual dialogue or a storyline that directly related to him rather than relegating him lines just for the sake of it.

Welcome to the Chuck ♥ Blair Show

These two can sit in the middle of an empty room and just stare at each other and I will watch all 40 minutes of it. Instead we get a 'good morning' kiss and cuddle to open the episode. Not complaining at all.

Then we get the really cute Chinese-restaurant-double-date with Nate and Bree. I see Blair slumming it at this eatery! Chuck, I see you repeating suspenders! I believe Blair would not approve. I love how he's really trying to police her immaturity some times, but hey, Blair did have a point with not trusting Bree. It's cute of Chuck to try and fail to reign her in though. And 'apologizing' for his girlfriend? Oh Chuck, you know the way to my heart. They're so good together.

I'm Surprised the Room Didn't Go Up In Flames
Really, who the hell lit all those candles?! Dorota perhaps? But I love how 'creative' the writers get when it comes to Chuck/Blair. No sarcasm intended at all. I really do love how they put them in the strangest situations. Things I wouldn't normally see for a college TV couple, but totally fly with Chuck/Blair.

IS Chuck Actually wearing a chinese collared silk shirt while massaging Blair?! And who knew Blair would be into this?! Look at her trying to boss Chuck around while being massaged. So cute. Really. I need more absurdly adorable scenes like this. I wonder what cuteness we get next episode.

Needs MOAR C/B
It's the little things that count when it comes to these two. Really. I love how Chuck put his hand out and told Blair to 'come on' to get away from the wedding and into the LIly/Rufus drama. Just the fact that he gave his hand out for her to take was adorable. And the way they looked at each other at the actual wedding? Precious.

Then of course, there's them dancing/swaying to Sonic Youth at the reception. These two just need to get their own HBO show. Really. I would so flock over to cable to catch that every week. And boy will there be more caps than this one. For sure.
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