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12 of 12: October 2009

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

My Bedroom06:35 AM
Hello Sunshine. The view from my bedroom when I wake up in the morning. Contrary to my icon, I don't actually hate Mondays just yet. I really just wanted to use that icon. Plus I still have Mad Men to cheer me up about the day. I'm just worried what will happen when my tv shows run out. How am I going to make it through the week then?! This worries me so.

My Bedroom06:50 AM
My now not so full HSM3 calendar. I used to fill these in with non-serious stuff. Now, I have no time for non-serious fun and so it's almost empty. You'll compare this to my 'work' calendar which you'll see later. I can't believe there are just two months left to this calendar. That's also my first payslip right next to it.

My Desk09:45 AM
My work computer desktop has outed me and my fangirl status for Twilight (yes, it also mirrors my laptop desktop wallpaper at home). I thought I might as well out myself sooner rather than later. I'm pretty lucky that I got a good computer. Though my mouse is a little wonky, I have no complaints whatsoever. The internet is fast and that's all that really matters anyway.

My Desk10:05 AM
Tasha calls me out on my Propofol notebook (it's apparently the drug that MJ died of or something like that). My dad has a lot of drug-branded-items at home. I have bags with Nubain on it. Ballpens with Sensorcaine on them and just about anything you can think of. There's my F4 jug as well. I'm obviously the crazy fangirl in the office.

My Desk10:15 AM
My work calendar that I drew with a meter stick and permanent ink. I'm horrible with lines and rulers. It's a miracle I got this one without messing too much. This was taken right before all those damn boxes got filled up really quickly. Oh employment!

Pantry01:10 PM
Lunch at the pantry with some office mates. Mike brought some home made pasta that he happened to have vats of at home. It was pretty good, I won't complain as I can't cook to save my life. I also debuted my new lunch case. No longer the super small lock-and-lock one. I now own a bigger, yellow Reynolds, microwave ready case. Shallow, but this makes me happy.

The Loop01:30 PM
Dessert care of Tasha. Waffle time with Belgian chocolate. VERY VERY Good. I'm so spoiled in this office being the youngest in my team. Everyone's too nice to me and I feel I will get fat from all this dessert. No, I don't eat everyday, but it's still more than zero. I cannot resist the awesome desserts of the Loop.

My Desk03:30 PM
My trusty CPU post-brown out. There was a split second power outtage and I was afraid I didn't save my work. Luckily, I did. The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack has been playing non-stop since I got it yesterday. To say I'm in love with it would be an understatement. I need the score album now and the movie? Yes please.

Pantry04:13 PM
The microwave, water dispenser and target practice? Some of the things you can find in the only warm place in the entire office. And when I mean warm, I actually mean NON-FRIGID, meaning normal temperature. I'm glad it isn't as cold as before anymore, or maybe my skin has adapted to the sub-zero levels in the office.

ELJ Tower Lobby06:30 PM
They set up the Christmas decor around the building even before October rolled around. Here is one of the many many trees you can find around the building. It's pretty tall too and so pretty. And yet somehow, I'm not really feeling the Christmas cheer just yet. I hope this is not a sign of getting older.

Don Antonio Over Pass07:20 PM
A tiny glimpse of the chaos that is the Don Antonio sidewalk along Commonwealth. The mass of light in the upper right of the photo is the newly opened Shopwise Supermarket. I have yet to sample the amazing shawarma I know they sell inside these hallowed grounds. I think my mother is at this grocery everyday just because it's so near. And right there along with it are street vendors and tricycles. Hello non-zoning.

Living Room10:05 PM
Ending the day with some Mad Men always makes things better. Everyday, I pop in a new show to unwind after a 'long day at the office.' (Ew, I can't believe I can say that legitimately). Pamy watches it via thumb drive connected to our DVD player. Oh the wonders of technology. Meanwhile, Betty writes to Henry in her beautiful script.
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