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Mad Men 03x09: Wee Small Hours

What I love about this show? It's anything but predictable. Sure, we can tell the easy stuff, like 'will Don keep it in his pants this episode?' or 'how many cigarettes or bottles of alcohol will they finish?' But with important things like character arcs and who goes and stays, this show never fails to keep me on my toes. Because really, in this world, anything goes and anyone can go. I can't believe we've got four episodes left.

Who knew Betty Was Such A Tease?
So much for all that sex in their Roman Holiday, Betty is dreaming about Henry and making it a reality. How guilty does she look in front of Carla right?! I mean if that ain't obvious, I don't know what is. And the look of disappointment when he didn't show up at the fundraiser. Betty was behaving totally immaturely with the safety deposit box throwing and then kissing. Oh Betty. You can't show how much you want him.

But on a totally un-connected note, Betty has the MOST impeccable handwriting I've ever seen. It needs to be made into a font RIGHT NOW. But really, does this mean the end of the Henry/Betty emotional love affair? I hope so. Though she has every right to cheat on Don, it just feels weird.

Hire Sal Back, Douches!
Lee from Lucky Strike can go fuck himself. How dare he do this to Sal? I guess it was just a matter of time till Sal's activities caught up with him. I felt so horrible when not even Don could save him. Don's obviously been under a ton of pressure and isn't thinking straight and it sucks that Sal has to be collateral damage in this.

I enjoyed seeing Roger though asserting his power and all. I hope they hire Sal back or something. First Joan, now Sal. Who the fuck is next?! No more leaving! And in a totally unrelated note too: I didn't know that Pete didn't smoke! How cute is he coughing there in the side?

Don Just Needs to Fuck Connie and Get it Over with
I swear, Connie's got Don begging for approval. This is so unlike him. First he's signing contracts, then he's doing midnight booty calls and for what?! Just disappointment. I know Connie's just putting Don in his place, but I actually feel a little sorry for the guy. Connie's like some skewed father figure to Don and he's still constantly looking for approval from his this old man. Looks like Don needs to focus more on what's important. And that Don/Roger split second interaction?! SO INTENSE. I heart you Roger.

And teacher! JEEZ. We know you can't resist him. Nice try, trying to though. Was I the only one immensely distracted by her breasts as she jogged? Either she isn't wearing enough support or she just has really jiggly boobs. Nevertheless, I can't blame her. She tried to resist. BUT NO ONE CAN RESIST THE DON.

It's the Battle of the Cheating Drapers!

Poll #1469883 Battle of the Cheating Drapers

Which Cheating Spouse Was Hotter?

Betty and Henry Ford's Almost Office Sexing
Don and Slutty Teacher's Early Morning Romp

And as hard it is to believe that there would even be a Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week, there actually was. Despite all the cheating his wife is doing (and well him too), when Don walked in and saw Betty sleeping with the glass in her hand, he takes it off of her hands and lets her rest. I just thought it was sweet and thoughtful. Oh and Don can do anything and charm me. I'm easy.

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