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Outta Mind, And Outta Sight -- 40 Down/12 to Go[me]
[+] This is totally BELATED, but I was so shocked and touched with the Love Secrets Post over at lion_lamb! I'm totally a lurker there and I got THIS from petitecherie, and THESE TWO from the sweetest anonymous folk ever! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was so overwhelmed by happiness. I♥U I feel so lucky and loved!

[+] I'm still hung up on The Hunger Games. I don't know how I'll make it till Book 3 comes out. Go read it if you haven't. And Emancipation Proclamation updated and I was so moved by the chapter, it's not even funny. I need more Italian-speaking Edward.

[+] MEME taken from petitecherie: Reply to this post & I will tell you one thing I envy (or perhaps admire) about you! Then post this at your journal.

[+] I hope everyone has a fantastic week ahead! They go by so fast.

We welcomed another team mate today which meant another lunch out. These are obviously the highlights of my week. But I'm just glad that we're one person shy of completing our team, so at least the work will be divided better and my manager won't be so stressed. It was also Nina's last day at the office and though I only knew her for a month, she was such a sweet girl and I'm really going to miss having her around. I finished reading The Hunger Games in one sitting because it was sooooo good and I literally couldn't put it down, but now I want to move on to Catching Fire and I don't have the time during the week so it kills me that I have to read it in small bits and pieces when I can. But it has been soooooo good so far and I'm afraid I'll have withdrawal symptoms from having to wait for the third book to come out in 2010!!! So far away. I woke up to really dark skies this morning and I was really scared that it would rain on me so I left early but I was lucky enough to NOT get drenched in the rain! I feel so very lucky. I wish it wouldn't rain so much. I was able to chat with _lexizzle after FOREVER and I can't believe I can go on for days without talking to my brother. I miss him so much. It was nice to just hear about him. I should pen in dates to chat with him. Other than the fact that I was a blubbering mess today thanks to finishing the HUGE ASS cliff hanger that is Catching Fire, it was a pretty good day. We met as a team for the first time. Even if we're still lacking one more member, it felt good to be be on the same page with everyone. We were supposed to help with the relief goods distribution but staying behind for this meeting wasn't so bad after all. Meetings + Food = Love.
Thank goodness it's Friday. I've been reporting to work for a month now, but this was the first week where I really really felt how good it was to be a Friday. I had my first 360 meeting (meaning with people who aren't in my subsidiary) and it was just nice to see another floor of the building. It didn't hurt either that my parents treated me and my sister to dinner at Trinoma after work. Eating out has never tasted so good, especially since I'm not paying for it. Finally saw my highschool friends after three months!!! We celebrated Iza's birthday with dinner at Katre and the food was amazing. Though we never really were the type of barakda that went out every week, I still miss my friends. But before getting to Katre, some car troubles happened! Since no one uses the car anymore, the battery died and wouldn't start! I had to ask help from a driver in the nearby parking lot to help me jump start it. Why me car?! Weekends are extra short, I realize now more than ever. I woke up early to attend mass and the rest of the day just zipped by so freaking quickly. Not funny. Long weekends should be standard. I finally caught Shallow Hal from the quasi start. I always see the ending but never the start! My dad was so happy with the double win of his high school and college basketball teams, we got KFC for dinner! I can never get sick of their chicken.
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