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Bones 05x04: The Beautiful Day in the neighborhood

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The case itself this week wasn't as puke-inducing as last week's, and that's a great thing. Still, the case didn't exactly rank as a favorite. Maybe the fact that I was sleepy and couldn't really digest the details of the case could be partly to blame. Still, this episode brought the awesome with some Parker practically proposing to all the girls in the lab and just being an awesome son -- he came from a pretty awesome dad.

Vaziri Has No Accent!!!
Obviously we all know that Vaziri is capable of no accent, thanks to the AU season finale we got last time, but now we get to see him use a non-Jordanian accent (thanks Dr. Brennan) while being an intern and it was nice to see. I love Cam's face when she sees him slip and Hodgins and Angela's reactions are pretty priceless as well. I like how the writers delved into his storyline. I always forget what Vaziri's name is that I had to IMDB it, but now I won't forget.

And what is up with Cam and the interns this season? I thought she was cute with Wendell, but I can totally see a possibility with Vaziri as well. Cam + Intern = WIN. Plus Cam going to Sweets and worrying about Vaziri was pretty cute. I love how I'm loving Cam.

Parker Wants Booth To Get Sexed Up
I was wondering when we'd get to see Parker again and this week is the answer! I love how he's asking all the women in the office to be Booth's girlfriend so he can get sexed up. Angela's reaction to him was so funny. I love how she actually considered it but was just standing in the sidelines (for Brennan of course). And Cam! Parker asking Cam and Booth butting in before it got anywhere else was funny. I love how uncomfortable Booth is talking about sex with his son.

And for someone they totally didn't want before, Booth sure is going to Sweets for lots of advice nowadays. I appreciate how Sweets explains the different stages of sexual identity for kids with Booth. You can tell he doesn't really want to hear this but it staying around anyway for any useful tidbit he can use. But my favorite part is Booth going to Brennan asking her to help him out. Of course he'd go to Brennan.

Brennan is Booth's Village
And sure, it's not some under the sink plumbing, but Brennan helping Booth out with Parker by showing how he interacts with other women (as per Sweet's advice) was really really really cute. All the talking behind cups in front of Parker was just adorable. As if Parker can't hear them. Brennan telling Parker how he's great with syllogisms is such a Bones thing to do.

After Brennan tells Parker that it wouldn't be appropriate to be with Booth since they work together, and Parker telling Brennan that it was a stupid question, I so yelled: YES THAT'S A STUPID QUESTION. The look on Booth's face when Parker asks WHY is cute to. You know he wants to know the reason why they can't date either.

I totally love how Brennan approaches it the direct way whereas Booth preferred to skirt the issue. And look, Parker just wants a pool! You can so tell that Booth was kinda disappointed that that was the real reason Parker wanted him to have a girlfriend. You know Booth would use any excuse Parker gave -- especially if he said that Brennan should be Booth's girlfriend so that he could be 'happy.' Sorry Booth, you're on your own on this one.

AND LOOK, BONES IS AWESOME!!!! Parker thinks so. Booth thinks so. I think so. You know what would be more awesome? Bones and Booth swimming in that pool in Bones's building? Oh yeah. That is awesome.
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