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Glee 01x06: Vitamin D

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After seeing this episode, I think I need to approach our school nurse office infirmary and see if I can get my hands on some Vitamin D loving. Because by the looks of the Gleeks in this episode, I seriously wouldn't mind having THAT much energy coursing through my veins when I drag myself to work in the morning. And Glee never fails to fill even the dullest days with glee! Totally walking on sunshine now

Finn Needs To Be High ALL THE TIME
I love how Finn is when he's high. But he's adorable when sleepy as well. And his voice overs are so telling. I'm glad he's admitting an attraction to Rachel (and her hot body) even though he's really feeling responsible and bound to Quinn.

Something tells me that when he finds out the baby isn't his, things aren't going to end well with Quinn. And I need to get Finn a dictionary for Christmas. Sure he gave up studying cause he's too busy, but at least he could strengthen his vocabulary, right? Still, too adorable.

I Don't Think Will Could Take Emma's Secret Marriage?!
Will/Emma make me squee more as the episodes progress and I don't know how I'm going to do with the Ken Tanaka/Emma (secret) nuptials. In fact, with Emma's provisions, it will be like they're not actually married. I kind of wish Ken wouldn't just take whatever she's offering, because he actually deserves more. Then he'll just get stuck with someone who's still lusting after Will.

And Will. Just tell her how you feel. I know Terri's (not) pregnant and you're being a good husband, but as Morgan said on chuck, it's still mind cheating and that's practically cheating. I swear, he's just torturing himself with all this flirting with Emma and not doing anything real about his feelings. The looks he and Emma are giving each other obviously MEAN something.

And Terri! God, I need her to die already. I feel bad that she got Howard arrested and now Sue's going to be coaching Glee as well. This can't be a good thing. Terri needs to go away. I love how she commented on Finn's good bone structure thinking it's his baby. Well Puck has great bone structure too right?

Sue Needs to Open up A LiveJournal Now
Even with the very very little Sue in this episode, her scene while writing in her 'journal' was just hilarious. I love love love Sue. Though she does the most despicable things to spoil the Will/Emma party, I still can't hate her. I have no problems hating on Terri, but Sue, I just love to love!!! She's brilliantly funny and just 29! Did I hear that right?!? She's turning 30?!?! I can't believe it.

All It Takes is a Little Vitamin D
The looks on their faces when they hear their competition for sectionals are hilarious. Deaf kids and kids in juvi. Something tells me the kids in juvi should totally put on a performance right out of Chicago! They could wear inmate uniforms. As for the deaf kids? You never know, they could totally bring it!!!

Rachel being nice to Finn is just precious. I wish she were mean instead and I'm glad that Quinn brought it up that she would have been mean to Rachel if the tables were turned. Still, it's good to know they're going to try to be friends. Except isn't it a conflict of interest on Rachel's part when she's pining for Finn? Poor martyr.

AND THE BEST PART OF ALL OF THIS? Kurt teaming up with the girls when Mr. Schuester asked the boys and girls to split up! And then totally betraying the boys and squealing about their performance enhancers. I love it. Kurt, you are my princess!

Everyone Needs to be On Vitamin D FOREVER

Confessions/It's My Life
I made this gif thinking of nikitahenderson and her love for Mr. Chang. AND WOW. The boys bring it with a really really great mash-up! And Look at Artie totally working that wheel chair. But really, Finn actually seems a little less awkward when strung out on drugs! I approve of this! I love me some Bon Jovi and it's really great mixed with Usher! Fantastic!!!
Halo/Walking on Sunshine
The girls high on Vitamin D also give a pretty fantastic performance. I feel like wearing my yellow dress to work tomorrow if it makes me walk on sunshine like them. They also make me want to grow my hair. But really, I totally remember TGIS when I listen to 'walking on sunshine' and then they mixed it with Halo which I don't really like, but now I can take.
Despite only having two song numbers, because they're mash-ups, I feel like I got four songs. AND REALLY, Bon Jovi >>> ANYTHING and so I'm just really glad the boys performed this one. Though I love the girls performance, the boys just bring out the best over-all gig. This show really is my Vitamin D. I need a daily dose. Nurse Terri, can I have some please?
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