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90210 02x05: Environmental Hazards

[90210 Media]
Oh the drama these kids lives involve. I know it's a show and high school can have it's share of craziness, but I dont think I ever went through half the drama these kids go through in one episode. Which is good for me, as I prefer my angst free life, plus it makes watching this show so much more enjoyable just cause it never hits too close to home. Who says anything about relating to a show? It delivers on that front.

Pick A Team Adrianna!
Of course Adrianna has to get all confused now over Teddy, now that she and Navid have slept together. BUT WHY right?!? Navid is such an adorably great boyfriend!!! of course I expected him to brag about it, and coming from any other guy I probably wouldn't have appreciated it, but I felt really good for Navid. He's just happy to finally have gotten some. I hope Adrianna realizes what she's doing and just picks a team. Oh and woman is blooming! She's getting more gorgeous every episode

Drama Never Ceases to Find Silver
Oh Silver and her mama drama. I can't blame her for not wanting to trust her mom and her 'genersous' gift but when I found out the mom had cancer, the first thing that came to mind was, what if that's not true. I don't know how she was to Kelly in the original series, but this smells fishy. Of course, it could be real and that will bring about a lot of drama to both kelly and silver if she does die, but somehow pretending to be sick can cause just as much havoc. Plus if Cece on Gossip Girl could do it, then so could Silver's mom, right? Or I'm just overthinking this and she's actually really dying. Sorry Silver.

Scheming Naomi Always Makes For Hilarious Times
But really Naomi getting all depressed and dressing up in sweats only to regain her confidence and totally go about admissions the wrong way is such a Naomi thing to do. Her plan is hilarious and the way she pulls it off is priceless. Biking to her SAT tutorial sessions. Why do I feel like neither of these guys are going to work out because she'll really be with liam in the end? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part? I feel bad that Liam caught her and SAT dude kissing though. And to delete the recording? So dramatic Liam!

I have to say that the frat pledge is kinda cute and coincidentally is also the exact description of Naomi's perfect college guy. Except she isn't in college yet. I hope she just studies her ass off so she can get in the right way. And with how Jen's spending her fortune, she needs to study cause I feel she'll need all the financial help they can get when they're broke and out of a house.

And of course, there's everyone else
Annie and dead guy's nephew should totally work out just because I can't see her with anyone else in the cast right now. And is it just me or does Dead guy's nephew look less creepy even if he still feels a little creepy? Also, Annie's still really pretty. I want her hair and wardrobe.So adorable. I hope she feels less guilty or just lets it out just because she needs to get it off her chest.

And look at Teacher Ryan helping Liam out? how nice of him. I mean really. Liam's dad is an asshole and I really hope liam just does well for himself. I also hope he and Naomi get back together already but I guess they'll drag this on for a bit more. Liam needs to straighten out his attitude though. Really. I like you, but be nicer.

ALSO, Dixon and Sasha? THIS IS STILL NOT WORKING FOR ME. She's obviously just sleeping with him for fun one more time. Dixon's so going to be all emo again tomorrow. DO NOT WANT THIS. I thought it was hilarious how Debbie showed Sasha that Dixon was her son. Shocker of her life. I'm enjoying this show waaaay too much than what is appropriate.
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