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Gossip Girl 03x04: Dan de Fleurette

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Though Gossip Girl never claimed to be a srs bsnss kind of show, as I do appreciate it for its lulzy-ness and ridiculous ways. This week, it went through the roof on both accounts. It totally lives up to its WTF tagline, as I kept asking myself WHAT THE FUCK (IS GOING ON?) with the many 'guest stars,' and cameos. Also is it just me or is 'Endless Nights' is a Twilight-inspired/totally calling out the vampire bandwagon?

Little J Tries and Fails To Start A Rebellion
In the Spirit of the Hunger Games, I'm totally still thinking of uprisings and so I salute Little J on her attempt, but sorry babe, the hierarchy trumped you and you've got to go along. It was nice to see Eric though! I still say MOAR ERIC, because you can NEVER have too much Eric. Her plot this week ties closely with Blair's boredom/frustration with her non-hierarchy in NYU, but I'll squee about that later, because it also ties with Chuck. But all I can say is, it's kinda scary to see many Little J's walking around campus. Yes girls, wash your eyes out. Best advice she's given so far. I wonder how she'll reign this year.

Dan OFFICIALLY lives under a rock
So much for Dan 'changing' and reading all those gossip rags with Serena in them. His NOT knowing Olivia is a little hard to believe, but for the sake of GG, I shall suspend my belief and go with it. And though Hilary Duff's casting isn't flying with everyone, after seeing Corbin Bleau ATTEMPT to play a former child star turned struggling model on the now defunct The Beautiful Life, I don't think H.Duff is that bad. I'm actually KINDA interested in seeing where things go with Dan just because it's something new and I'm surprisingly not annoyed.

I'm also pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed watching Vanessa get all gushy over having a movie-star roomie just because she's so obviously NOT ABOVE fangirling, even if she claimed to be highbrow in episodes past. It's good to know Vanessa is very human and susceptible to the tastes of the masses being a closet fan of 'Endless Nights' which I totally think is their shoutout to all things sparkly vampire-related. So I'm hopeful that this plot line is developed well.

Tyraaaaaa Only has one picture in her hand -- And it Ain't Serena's
TYRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! This was the most hilarious guest starring of all not because of her acting skillz but because all I could think of was ANTM and how I felt she was going to snap out photos and tell the GG gang that they didn't make it to the next round and to pack their bags and go home. But that's not all...

There's Tori Burch and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa totally shooting THE Serena Van Der Woodsen down as well. So much for connections and the party girl persona. I guess it isn't that easy to get an internship. She should try Diane Von Furstenberg or Teen Vogue as Whitney and LC (from The City and The Hills) seemed to have an easy time scoring those gigs. I vote that Serena goes to LA and becomes Ursula's Personal Assistant. That'll show Lily! And it'll be so Valley Girls flashback!

Chuck Needs One-On-One Tutoring With Blair
BUT REALLY, despite having only FOUR TWO SCENES TOGETHER (one was over the phone), Blair and Chuck are still the pinnacle of this show for me. Honestly. From their phone conversation to their texting in the end, they can do anything and I will love it.

I really love how Chuck is trying to bring Blair back to earth without being too mean about it, and yet being pretty firm. Employing Jenny's help, calling her out directly on it, and just being a really really good boyfriend, Chuck Bass really does love her and wants her to be happy and I LOVE IT. I love how he's just always there. And when all else fails, resort to the 'I'm Chuck Bass' line and edit it to fit the occasion because it ALWAYS WORKS.

And when that doesn't work either, pay a paparazzi to take your girls photo! A little attention and bribery goes a long way. He really really really knows the way to his girlfriend's heart. Plus, why don't we get to see their one-on-one tutoring session?!? HBO extended scenes anyone? YES PLEASE.
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