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Mad Men 03x08: Souveneir

Though every episode with Don Draper in it, guarantees that it'll be a "HOT ONE," this week's Mad Men's scorch-o-index went through the roof despite the lack of silver fox, Sterling and zero philandering (on Don's end at least). I do not know how I am still coherent enough to type this out as this episode has turned my brain to mush. Don has gotten me all hot and bothered. These are times, I WANT TO BE Mrs. Draper.

Pete Needs A Lesson or Two From Don in the Art of Philandering
Seriously, Pete needs to learn how to cheat properly. From the beginning he makes mistake number one. Picking the au pair next door. Don would never choose a neighbor. It's too fucking tricky. Second, Pete is totally doing too much work. The women must come to him. He shouldn't have to work for the goods. Don would NEVER lift a finger, unless it was to remove the girls' underwear. Third, he totally caved in when confronted. Don would deny deny deny and he would deny so well, his neighbor would profusely apologize and doubt why he even thought Don would do such a thing. Obviously Pete needs to learn a lesson or two.

But look at Pete. All guiltied up when Trudy comes home. Obviously, cheating is not in his nature and this makes me happy because there can only be one Don and Pete obviously isn't cut out for this role. This will eventually leave him miserable if he's stuck married to Trudy (though I love her), when he's pining for Peggy (who I'm sure is out fucking Duck). Boo for the lack of Peggy.

Hello scrawny boy

And for completely shallow reasons, another proof that Pete is no Don Draper, he's scrawny as ever. But that doesn't mean I wasn't gushing this entire episode about how adorable Pete is even when he's cheating on his wife. Look at him trying to impress the au pair and just being an all around cheater in nice-guy clothing. Totally adorable watching cartoons in the morning.

Joan: This never happened

Oh Joan. My heart goes out to her so much just because I don't know how much they make at Sterling Cooper, but I feel it was considerably more than what she's making now. And look at that sly look she's giving Pete. She'll keep his secret, if he keeps his. This really did never happen. I need to see how Joan goes on with her life outside Sterling Cooper but at the same time, I wish she'd come back already. Screw Jane, Sterling (oh wait he already is). Go take Joan instead!!!

Don and Betty Take a Roman Holiday
It makes me happy that Don stayed faithful all throughout and even took her to Rome. Though their scenes together are always so adorable, except when they're fighting, I especially ADORED when Don pretended to pick Betty up in front of the Italian men. I swear that was so adorable. Look at them make small talk. And look at Betty speak fluent Italian. I totally love this Italian rendezvous they have just for the fact that they're happy for a while.

Betty: it's where you go from being a stranger to knowing someone.
And every kiss with him after that is a shadow of that kiss

I know this gif has nothing to do with this quote, but I thought she looked adorable being all dancy and clappy and Governor's boy being the reason or at least aiding in her happiness.

HELLO. You so know she ain't talking about Sally and Ernie! I totally will let Betty do whatever she wants, just cause she's the lesser evil in their marriage, but really, is she that into governor's boy?! I mean yeah, he helped her out and you know she knows he's into her, and she did let him kiss her, but wow, I didn't think he made that big an impact. I hope nothing serious happens though. I'd rather she have a physical affair than an emotional one with him.

BUT OBVIOUSLY what drove the temperature through the roof this episode was Don and Betty getting a little action after baby Gene is born. In Italy. With Betty looking smoking. And Don looking hot. And that morning after!!! Look at them snuggling in bed and Betty totally going for the second (or third?) round in the shower. COME ON. If I were married to Don, I'd be tapping that every single day. Dammit. Too hot.

And though you'd think that Don whisking her away to Italy or charming his way into her pants in Rome would make it to the Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week, it's actually a Stateside, mundane moment in their lives that makes me like him even more. The simple way he massages her shoulders and listens to her gripe about her Junior League woes (even for just a second) really did get to me. Deep inside, though he's cheated on her left and right, he really does care for Betty. And as long as that caring dude is somewhere in there, there is hope for Don Draper.

A Little Touch Goes a Long Way

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