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Oh no, what did I say? What can I say?

[Fast 39 Down/13 To Go!]
[-] I really find that if I don't write down a little something from each day, I won't remember anything by the end of the week. The days just blend into each other in a series of routine.
[+] Not that I'm complaining, getting paid is something I wouldn't mind routinely happening. But this week, as my siblings 'enjoyed' their week-off from class care of Ondoy, I still had to report to work. This was my 'welcome to the real world'

Going back to an empty office was sad, but I was glad I was able to touch base with TWO of my best friends whom I hadn't talked to in forever. I finally saw Con after a few weeks of working in the same network. And Thank goodness for Lovers in Paris, as it gave me and Lee-Ann a chance to talk again! If it wasn't for the crazy (not good crazy) pilot episode, I wouldn't have called her up in need of someone to comment with on the phone. The office was less empty today but still lots of folks missing and some even unaccounted for. It's going to be hard to rebuild from scratch. In better, but more selfish news, I finally got paid! For the first time! I've never really used an ATM machine in my life (I know, laugh now) so I was all excited to check it this afternoon and though it was an underwhelming experience, it still feels surreal that I'm 'working.' Also, taxes. Wow. That's a lot. While I'm not exactly allowed to complain, my siblings are enjoying their week long break from school (as their schools are used as relief/refugee centers for the victims of Ondoy). I wish I could volunteer like Pio and Pietro are doing. I feel really proud of them for helping out. And so as a reward for me working instead of relaxing at home (if I were still a student), I had my picture with Jake Cuenca, who is so very pretty in real life. Still reeling. I'm not part of the sales team but I eat with Tasha and them for lunch so when they surprised their boss for his birthday last week, they invited us and though I could never be in ad sales, it was so heartwarming to see them all so bonded with each other and their super amazing boss. He's the kind of guy that gives tough love and is really hard on them, but it's obvious how much he loves them. It was so much fun and I got full too!
Two of my teammates who were affected by the storm finally came back to work though they still have lots to clean up. Barely a week after Ondoy and we're already preparing for Pepeng. Everyone's trying to be prepared that our company issued a half-day on us and sent us home by 3:30 though, I ended up going home 4:45 anyway. As I went home, my umbrella was pretty worthless, as the rain comes at you horizontally. I was drenched. I somehow slept through Pepeng, because when I woke up this morning, it wasn't raining so hard and things seemed generally calm. This is a good thing. I hope it didn't wreak too much havoc elsewhere. And because I got my first paycheck this week, I treated my family out to dinner at Jollibee. It's become sort of tradition that we treat the family with the first paycheck so we'll be waiting another three or so years till the next one. I was anticipating getting a treat from my dad if his basketball team won the championships today but unfortunately ADMU lost to UE and so we'll have to wait for another game to see if we get a treat. I also started reading The Hunger Games upon strong recommendation of poetrytoprose, and the kindess of dorkfish04 and mizra and I just finished the first part and it's great. BRB reading.
Tags: 2009 weekender, barkada, celebrity encounters, college friends, first job, money, weather and calamities
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