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Bones 05x03: The Plain in the Prodigy

[Bones Online]
I like watching CSI, but don't really follow it religiously, thus I didn't think I would get into Bones, but now I find that I look forward to it to end my week in a TGIF sort of way. And so as I sit in my room after a shortened day at work (we were sent home 'early' cause of the coming storm), it just felt really good to see the squints and my favorite FBI guy solve another crime. This week, not so heavy on the grossness.

Clark Sure Likes To Complain
And this week, we get Clark as our intern. And he's never really been my favorite, so this week only intensified my non-favoritism for him. He sure complained a lot to Brennan this episode. I'm surprised Brennan didn't talk down to him too much. I want Vincent already please.

No. 1 Uncle Booth Lays Down the Law
This episode, though I did care about the case more than usual (I feel really bad for the Amish piano prodigy. He seemed really nice), I actually thought it was cute how Cam was worried that Michelle was already sleeping with her boyfriend Perry. Look at Cam reading books on sex for teens and Brennan saying the cartoon drawing of the penis is cute. Only Brennan can pull this off. Also, Cam looks soooooooo good ALL THE TIME.

But Uncle Booth threatening Perry with his sniper skills and firm handshake was such an adorable Booth moment. You can tell he's slowly but surely getting back to himself already.

Bones Lost Her V Card at 22
I'm glad the cocky belt buckle is back cause that just means we're getting a little closer to getting old Booth-y back. I wonder how long it'll take to make a full recovery. But he sure seems to be acting like the old Booth -- complete with teasing Brennan about losing her virginity at 22 (compared to his 16 year old self).

Though we didn't get a super cute under the sink moment this week, I'm hopeful that we get more cuteness next time around. Please Hart Hanson? I'll forgive you this week, but next week, bring the cuteness, okay?
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