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A Mid-August Fling with the Man with No Name

I don't know what to say about Imelda Marcos. I'm actually stumped. I still have to do two more IW cards, study for my Trig test and read for our English discussion. Aeneas is a real difficult story to interpret. I hate reading in between the lines. I absolutely suck at that! Why can't sir just ask the who, what, where and when? His questions make me shiver.

This morning at General Assembly, some folks from the Metropolitan something were advertising their play, A Midsummer's Night Dream. I happened to watch the movie and I thought it was pretty good. But that's not what I'm really interested in. GA has managed to cough up really cute guests. First there was the Milo Kid. But I got over that one really quickly. Now, there's another one. I didn't quite catch his name, but he was definitely cute.

One of the people advertising the play was really cute in a sort of BYT -- bright young thing, yuppies are so passé -- way. He had the glasses, the nice neat hair, the well-fitting jeans and black polo. Then again, beside the male teachers, who happen to be the only guys in school, he looked pretty damn fine! The way his Adam's apple bobbed up and down while he spoke so freaking eloquently, made me really giddy. Raia told me I was turning red.

Man with no name is a part of the ever growing list of guys I classify under the Team C genré. See, Team C consists of guys whom I like because they're cute. I most probably only see them once and they just really strike a chord with me. Team C has so many members that it's very hard to tell who actually belongs there. Still, man (yes, I say man because he is quite old, I'm guessing) with no name is now officially inducted into my not-so-exclusive Team C.

* * *

I'm so tired. I have so much work to do and there's still so much more that's up ahead. I think I'm going to just collapse in the middle of Lab (I wish!) as we measure projectiles or something along those lines. And now, I don't even get the lesson in Physics. I was cool with it during the first few weeks, but now, I'm a mess! I don't understand a thing! This is really bad. Another dilemma I have to deal with.

SabPag is drawing really near and today's practice was probably the least productive so far. We super need Hani to be around. She's the only one who can get everyone to be attentive, which is a trait I really admire in her. Tomorrow, we'll have another practice and luckily she'll be there to keep everyone in line.

Tomorrow is also our first class mass. Also due to this class mass, we got our second scolding from an observer. Sir wasn't very happy with us today and it's the third time we've been called cheap. Beautiful. How great that shall be on our fragile self esteem. Sometimes, teachers can be a bit too harsh. It's not like we aren't trying to be good. We don't mess up on purpose. I really feel bad for Hani because she's done such a good job and now, we get this lecture.

I really need the weekend.

Damn it's only Monday.
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