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Glee 01x05: The Rhodes Not Taken

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I've been excited for Kristen Chenoweth's guest appearance ever since it was announced (and Pushing Daisies was canceled). So with her Emmy win last week and just plain withdrawal symptoms from not having her on my TV, to having her on my favorite show, the excitement/hype I felt was through the roof. And well, Cheno delivers. Was I really expecting anything less than spectacular?!

April Rhodes NEEDS to be in EVERY episode Please
The forever drunkard April may only be sober for a second in this entire episode, but she has such a fantastic presence in all her drunken glory. From the moment she appears till her exit, I am just thoroughly entertained by her. I love the way she 'convinces' the Gleeks to like her. These are precious life lessons she's imparting. I approve of them.

And come on, right? Puck and April are positively adorable together even if she is drunk to the highest heavens. How cute is she in the jersey? And Kurt looking like shit for the first time thanks to April was so worth seeing. She needs to be in every episode now.

Rachel Isn't Going to Do Equus
I love it how it's Sue who ends up being the one that gives Rachel the final push to get back to Glee. As much as I love her, I wish Rachel would stick around this time. She owes the rest of the club her loyalty and her staying on. At least she's come to her senses over having friends >>> being a star.

Oh high school romance
I feel horrible for BOTH Finn and Rachel. Yeah, Finn's acting like an ass, using Rachel's liking him so he can get a chance at a scholarship, but I guess he just doesn't see any other way. I'm glad Rachel got to slap him after finding out about Quinn being pregnant. At least it's out in the open now.

I just wish Quinn would really come clean and just say it is Puck's cause things will be so much better for Finn/Rachel when that happens, though of course, that's going to have it's own set of repercussions. But the kiss in the bowling alley?! too too too cute. I feel bad for Rachel, really.

You Know Emma's Got Other Things In Mind
I think it's really good of Emma to be looking out for Will but you can so tell she's got her ulterior motives. I feel bad for Ken Tanaka just because he's being strung along. Therefore, I really vote Terri disappears so things can go well for Emma and Will. You can feel the tension.

Chenoweth Needs To Stay On Forever

Maybe This Time
Quite possibly THE BEST VOCAL performance so far as Leah and Kristen's voices together just work so well and I was getting goosebumps listening and watching. Their control of their voice is spectacular and just AMAZING. And the way they were emoting, so so so effective. I could feel it. I love this so much.
Matthew Morrison can do no wrong and add a dash of Kristen Chenoweth (in this case, a lot of her plus some Matt) and you know it's going to be freaking fantastic. Their blending and their really awesome stage presence, joking around and all, was just so good. They need to sing more duets. They were born to do this.
Last Name
Oh Carrie Underwood. You're so lucky to have your song immortalized on Glee! From the costumes to the choreography, to Kristen just going crazy with the song, this was absolute love! I'm not even a fan of the song and yet this performance made me really really like it. Kurt as a cowboy? Where are the Indians? I love Puck and his coming onto April. Hilarious.
Somebody to Love
I liked this song ever since I heard it on Ella Enchanted sung by Anne Hathaway and then when Elliott Yamin sang it on Idol. So 'm pretty much used to covers of this song. And this was no exception. I liked it a lot! Finn's still at his most awkward, it's almost painful to see him move, but he's adorable and the ending from Mercedes? Perfection.
Although I wish Chenoweth would be in every episode from now on, I know that's not going to happen. Still, I'm glad because Glee did get their full season pick up. I'm hoping ratings are super high for this show, cause I can't imagine only being given one season of this amazingness.
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