Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Prince Harry + Kids (that aren't his) = Precious

That's presh[PopSugar UK]
Though I'm terrible with children, and don't really wish to bear any, I realize that Prince Harry will need heirs to the throne and this will probably be the only legitimate reason I shall have to give birth. Still, this won't make me any more fit for motherhood.

And so it makes me feel better to know that Prince Harry seems to work really well with children while he attended the WellChild Awards in London. Though there's that one little girl that looks a little too old to be innocently enjoying sitting on his lap, don't you think? Okay, so I'm just jealous but still.

At least one of us will get along with the offspring

Prince Harry Forgets His Crown at the WellChild Awards [PopSugar UK]
Tags: kids, prince harry, red carpet
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