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90210 02x04: The Porn King

[90210 Media]
I wonder whether I enjoy this show just because I have zero expectations or because it's actually getting better?! Not that I'm undermining the improvement it's had since last season, but sometimes I wonder. Nevertheless, my low expectations or not, I enjoyed my West Coast dose of sun, surf and sand, all of which seem to be more present in each episode. And really, I'm liking these West Coast kids a little more than usual.

No-Drama-Adrianna Becomes So-Guilty-Adrianna
I'm all for being friends with Teddy. In fact, I like how she was already avoiding him cause of her crazy shirt-ripping dream. But what I feel bad about was her overcompensating with her guilt by sleeping with Navid. Sure, she could have been really ready to do it, but something tells me she was so overcome with pressure of being 'good' to Navid after kissing Teddy that she just went for it. I fear drama ahead for them.

Jen Isn't Playing Fair
Not that I was really expecting her to, but wow Jen really is evil. The things she's done to Naomi are beyond forgivable and I sort of can't wait till this all blows up in her face. I hope Ryan despises her as well, though not before they get it on, because I gotta admit, that would be hot. But I really truly feel bad for Naomi as she's totally clueless to the evilness that is her hot sister. And Liam, what happened to the rushing into the basement last episode!? What's come of that? I'm expecting waaaay more serious scheming than this one.

You Can Tell They Can't Figure Out Who To Put Teddy With
Or that they know who he'll be with already and are just trying to confuse us all because he's got a connection with Adrianna, Naomi thought he was cute, he has that witness thing with Annie and he always gets under Vicky Silver's skin. That's like a one-stop shop as far as guys goes. He's been around three episodes and already has an effect on ALL the ladies literally. Still, he and Silver would be pretty adorable. Not that I approve of Teddy or anything.

Another thing I don't approve of? Dixon's older-woman-lying ruse he's got going on. Though the porn in the trunk was pretty freaking hilarious, I just don't think he should go through all this hassle for this girl when I feel he and Silver will eventually get back together anyway -- or so I think.

I'm actually looking forward to what happens next week just because I hope they continue on this pleasing-patty-surprisingly momentum they've got going on. I'm liking it. A lot.
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