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Gossip Girl 03x03: The Lost Boy

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The thing I love about Gossip Girl is that it's so ridiculous, you really can't take it seriously. I have enough seriousness in my life, and so GG is my way of escaping reality to a really absurd world wherein EVERYONE always ends up at the same event by the end of each episode. And this episode didn't disappoint with the wtf-lulzy moments. I enjoyed the Chuck/Blair love though and that's seriously the only thing keeping me hanging on.

Chuck Learned From the Best
Blair sure can rock boy shorts. Look at her throwing herself at Chuck and Chuck being all 'focused' on his work. It's really cute how Blair's needy. I thought I'd be annoyed. I'm not. She's totally adorkable.

Both vying for the same photo? And neither wanting to back down? Did I really expect any less? When two very competitive people get together, it's bound to be explosive. I like how they're not compromising actually.

Still, it's cute how Chuck actually tried to make up with her only to have Dorota (and her equivalent for Chuck) were doing their data gathering for them. Making out on the floor (with a duvet, I think, laid out) is just cuteness. And the look on her face as she steals his shoes? So very Blair. I like her.

Blair Believes In Chuck
The bidding at the auction was just so funny! I love how despite their competition, they still managed to build each other up by saying they believed in each other and didn't think they needed approval from secret societies or restaurateurs to make them believe in themselves. It was sweet in their special brand of Chuck/Blair.

And teaming up to look out for Serena (and just hate on Carter?) So very them. This was what i imagined them to do. Wreak havoc in people's lives together, while looking fabulous! Go Chuck/Blair! Mess with everyone!

And Blair giving the photo to him and giving up cause she loved him? That was probably the sweetest thing ever. Blair hates to lose and seeing how she did this just really melted my heart. I'm proud of her. But in the end, when Chuck finally buys his hotel (I KNOW, WHAT?!?), I think it's really precious how he chooses to share the moment with Blair and get some 'quality alone time' while they're at it. Chuck Bass sure knows how to multi-task.

Look! D, N, V and S all fit into one photo!
On Dan/Georgina: Who knew Lonely Boy was totally cool with casual hook ups?! What a long way he's come from the romantic that played Elliott Smith while he tried to do Serena. Too bad he picked the wrong girl to hook up with. I doubt Georgina's really into this no-strings-attached situation.

On Nate/Bree: Seriously. YAWNFEST. I don't know where this is going and I could care less but I find it such a waste cause Joanna Garcia is pretty. I wonder where they're going with the Carter/Bree thing though.

On Vanessa/Lovechild: Wow they took up a lot of time. I basically zoned out any time they'd appear on screen except to notice Vanessa's necklace. Was that a snake? And to think I got happy when he said he'd fly back to Boston (whilst chickening out on telling Rufus he's his son). No thanks to Georgina, looks like this isn't the last we'll see of him. OH and i'm not sure what the title of the episode really means, but if it means LOVECHILD gets lost, then I'm all for it.

On Serena/Carter: I'm surprisingly not really grossed out by this and Serena's attraction/attachment to him isn't so far out, so I'm hoping this actually lasts a bit for her. And is it just me or are she and Dan too 'good' with how they are now. You used to sleep with him! He's not your step brother. Still weirded out.

I'm hoping this season gets better because though these past three episodes weren't horrible, they weren't spectacular either. I'm still trying to stay positive. I never know what next week might bring. Crossing my fingers.
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