Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

This 'New' Chapter Needs To Begin Already

Who's the HBIC?![Lion and Lamb Love]
With just 50 51 days to go before New Moon, more treats are coming out of the forest for me to enjoy and inappropriately squeee over at work, thanks to mizra.

[+] Seeing the new posters that have NOT just Bella (looking a tad taller than usual and Edward having LOTS of arm hair) and the vampires; fierce Volturi and some Wolf pack! I love seeing all three groups getting their time to shine!

[+] Listening to another track on the New Moon soundtrack from Anya Marina, called "Satellite Heart" which I'm really really liking. I have that and the Death Cab single. I heart you C. Weitz. This soundtrack is turning out to be mega awesome. Right?!

[+] In fannish-ness, this Rob-Taylor (you read that right) picspam by mediocrechick made my day. Seriously. If you need a laugh, it's the place to be at. BRB, counting down.
Tags: movies, new moon
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