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Wants A Happier Start -- 38 Down/14 to Go[me]
[-] As much as I felt I was in the right, it really does suck when you start the week off on the wrong foot. I felt burdened and just negative the entire week and I refuse to let anyone make me feel this way again. I'm hoping I have a much much better week up ahead.

[+] It wasn't all bad though, I seem to be getting a tad bit better at work, getting more used to everything and messing up less. I'm not exactly a star employee, but at least I'm doing more things right. Plus I feel less 'new' as we got a new teammate this week.

[+] Also, how can I complain when I get an update from Art After 5, Hydraulic Level 5 and Emancipation Proclamation! I love how fic gets me through the week. FANTASTIC updates as always. I died. SO FREAKING GOOD.

[+] I hope everyone has a better next week. Lord knows I need it.

I hope this isn't an omen of the week to come because it started out horribly. I hate feeling like a 'bad' daughter for asking if my older sister could bring my little sister to her practice instead of me. This then leads to my dad totally blowing up and saying it was 'so hard' for him to ask for favors from his children. Wow. Because I totally DO NOT drive ANYONE around when they ask me too. Just because I wanted to be selfish this ONE time. Thank goodness for sweet folks who can make me smile. My aunt called me up on my mobile and shocked the crap out of me, but it really meant a lot. mizra making me a wallpaper and breaking the New Moon BTS HQ shots!!! What a sweetheart!!! My boss told me today at lunch that she found my LJ and said I was kooky like other Aquarians. I do not know if this is a good thing. Should I friends lock already!? I used to have a crush on this child star turned activist turned reporter who works in the same network I work in. And today when Tasha's former office mate came to visit and treated us to a snack at the Loop, I finally saw him. He's still as cute as ever. It's like he never aged and still has the boyish good looks and that super melt-worthy grin. I've seen my share of celebs, but seeing him again, sort of made my inner girl squee. Spent the entire lunch laughing over Shakira videos on mute. It's very entertaining to watch her videos while reading the lyrics and watching her writhe on screen. Also, I seriously am thinking of getting my own computer. I share the laptop with Paola and her reasons for using it are way more legitimate than mine, but I still want to use the computer during the little hours I am at home. Still not used to spending so much time at work.
Despite only being 3 weeks into work, I don't think I've looked forward to Friday as much as I did today. I was literally counting down the hours till I could finally go home. I thought I would have to attend another event for work but luckily my manager said I didn't have to. This made me supremely happy as I spent my Friday catching up on Internet I missed (20+ pages of Just Jared!!!) and shows I didn't get to watch. Why work, why?! I woke up to what I thought was just a normally rainy day only to see news that Typhoon Ondoy had ravaged the entire Luzon causing floods EVERYWHERE. And not just in the poorer parts of the city but in 'exclusive' and rich villages! Facebook was a large photo dump for all the flooded houses and the city submerged in water. I'm so thankful most of my friends were safe. It's flooded right outside the office too! I just hope things get better soon. The sun does come out tomorrow and today we had a nice sunny day even if it was still flooded everywhere else. I got news from friends that they were staying in hotels and were safe and this makes me feel better. In celebration of the sun, the girls (my mom and sisters) all headed to the newly opened Shopwise and did some groceries. I'm so not cut out for grocery shopping but it was nice to see the new place. I fail at chores.

And on a totally selfish note.
I hate how I'm no longer in college.
I don't get the suspension of classes on
Monday and Tuesday! Boo, I've got to work.

Tags: 2009 weekender, first job, parents, siblings, team c, weather and calamities
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