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Looking Forward To Sunnier Days

Typhooon Ondoy (internationally known as Ketsana) didn't care if you lived in Valle Verde or the slums. It went through Manila yesterday and flooded the posh villages as well as the squatters area. Thank you to those who checked up on me. My family was thankfully safe from the disaster, but I have friends who are affected (some still stuck on the 2nd floor or roof). If you want to help, you can check THIS out. [ABS-CBN News]

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Outside Glorietta 4 MallPhoto courtesy of emmettsinasia

MakatiPhoto courtesy of javajive

SM Hypermart Basement Parking, Silver CityPhoto courtesy of nargalzius

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Katipunan AvenuePhoto courtesy of rjoblena

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Facebook was a virtual dumpsite of photos of friends houses that had foyers, terraces, garages and any other room you can think of that got flooded. And not just ankle deep water, but NINE feet high floods that just damaged everything.

I'm so thankful our house was totally safe from all this, but somehow this one really hit hard just because I know actual people that were affected by it. I don't know how this flooding happened so fast, but I hope we don't have to go through another one of these soon.
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