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Trying To Catch Up While The Floods Rise Outside

Hello Pretty[Just Jared]
While the torrential rains have been raging outside (complete with floods that go up to NINE feet all over Metro Manila), I've been stuck at home obviously and finally able to catch up on the many many things I've missed since I've started working.

One of those things is getting caught up with the 20+ pages of Just Jared that I used to check daily and now only get to glimpse on my weekends. Can you believe it?!? I used to refresh this page every 5minutes looking for something new. And now I've got loads on my girl crushes that I've missed out on. I've missed you Camilla, Rachel and Leighton!

And so, as I hope that the rains stop for the benefit of those stuck in traffic for four hours along EDSA or stranded at school or at the office or anywhere else with the craziest rain I've seen in quite some time, I thought I'd spam some pretty for those stuck at home.

Camilla's Hair is all grown out!

Though I prefer her with shorter hair, it was just so good to see Camilla out in public again after FOREVER. I don't know where she's been hiding and what she's been doing but it's nice to see her at some events again. I loved this blue dress she's wearing -- it's Gucci of course as she attended the Gucci and Windsor Smith ’s cocktail party. I don't know how you get invited to those things but she looked fab in her dress. She looked really good at Fashion’s Night Out with The NY Academy of Art at The Rhinelander Mansion in head to toe Ralph Lauren. I hope she comes out more often.

Rachel Does her Fashion Week Rounds

Rachel seemed to be a fixture at the different fashion shows for New York Fashion Week and it was good to see her at an event again (even if she is caught by the paparazzi around town all the time). No wonder her hair looks so fab. She looked amazing in her DVF dress as she got caught coming out of the Tresemme Hair something. Then she's front row at Brian Reyes and Jill Stuart's fashion show. And of course, though he isn't pictured, she was out with her fiance Hayden Christensen at cocktail party in honor of designer Kris Van Assche. Oh the lives of these celebs.

Leighton is Just EVERYWHERE

And of course most recent girl crush Leighton doesn't seem to be fazed by the busy Gossip Girl schedule as she was practically every other post. I'm not the biggest fan of all of her outfit changes, but she's adorable and I can't help but love her. I still haven't seen her appearance on David Letterman, so I might search for that in a bit, but she looked really cute in her Proenza Schouler jumpsuit. I don't think I'll EVER pull off a jumpsuit, but Leighton surely does.

I don't think I'll be able to Girl Crush or Manjoyment or even iShip this month just because things have been pretty crazy with me starting work and it breaks my heart because I've been doing it monthly ever since, but I just can't find the time/energy/effort to pull one off this time. I hate how real life gets in the way of fangirling. I hope next month? I hope so.
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