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Bones 05x02: The Bond in the Boot

[Bones Online]
After reading how I should not eat anything while watching this show, I retreated to my room after finishing my midnight snack and prepared to puke out my guts. And true enough, the opening sequence features corpses and cats (two things I'm quite scared of). So thanks flist for warning me that my stomach might not take it. I was able to prepare accordingly. With that, I must applaud their prop crew. Fantastic corpses.

Bones Owns A Rolex and Booth won't pay $800 for a Plumber
I love how they start with the vast difference in their economic standing. Booth is just earning his keep (and enough to support Parker, I'm sure) while Brennan is literally swimming in money, she doesn't have to work ever. I wonder how this will affect their dynamic if they do get together. But it's sweet how Brennan keeps offering to pay for the plumbing while Booth's steadfast in his resolve to 'remember' how to do his own plumbing. I hope he gets his memory back.

The case was pretty cute with all the Bond references. I feel bad for the CIA dude who desperately wanted some action and really followed through on his findings. And now I'm curious what's inside that USB stick. I doubt we'd ever find out though. Still, it was nice of the CIA assistant director to give 'Bond' a memorial like he was an agent in the field. It was the least they could have done.

Everyone Cares About Wendell
That's the thing about Wendell, he may not be as hilarious as Vincent or as weird as Fisher but Wendell's just heartwarmingly nice and I love how Cam and company were really really worried about how he'd continue on his internship without his scholarship.

Leave it to Brennan though to totally just drop the bomb on him sans any human emotional whatever. Only Bones can do this and not mean any harm, cause it's who she is, but the look on Wendell's face when he finds out is just pure heartbreak.

Thus it made me so happy that everyone pitched in -- albeit anonymously to make three scholarships available!!!! that's a lot of money! Does this mean we get two new Interns (especially since Vincent and Daisy are both guest stars on Mad Men as well?!) I hope Vincent stays but I'm happy with Daisy as Peggy's roomie.

Plumbing Has Never Been So Cute

I SWEAR THESE TWO COULD BE READING A PHONE DIRECTORY BUT AS LONG AS THEY'RE TOGETHER IT'S GOING TO BE MADE OF ALL SORTS OF ADORABLE!!! I love how he's got his hand on hers and you can totally tell they're both feeling something else but both just keeping it in. I don't know when they'll EVER get together but you can so tell it's going to be amazing when they do. I need Booth to teach me how to 'fix' the plumbing as well. Look at them lying side by side there under the sink. Totally cute.

I wonder how much cuter they can get next week. Hopefully more B/B moments just cause we didn't get as many this time around. Still, I won't complain. Plus I'm just excited to see what the case is and which Intern we'll have helping out next week.
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