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Anne (And January!!!) Make An Impact

Lifetime Impact[Anne Hathaway Fan]
Because Anne just keeps getting more awesome each time I see her, she gets more brownie points for being included in the list of Lifetime Impact Honorees at Variety's 1st Annual Power of Women Luncheon. It's pretty serious stuff they're honoring her for and I'm so proud that she's part of a great list of women.

She was honored with January Jones (from Mad Men), Jane Lynch (from Glee) among others in a category that wasn't for her acting (though she made it to that list too) but for her advocacy. Go girl. Of course, it didn't hurt she looked great too.

Dedicated to Service

"I became involved when my friend Tobey Maguire reached out to me about being on the board. I think service is important, and I really like how far-reaching Service Nation is -- there are lots of opportunities to make a difference. "I plan to focus my efforts on bringing awareness, fund-raising and, of course, being of service."

I didn't even know she was this dedicated to and that she had been working on it for some time now. I know actors have free time in between shooting movies and aren't exactly working 9-to-5 jobs, but it still makes me happy to see that they're volunteering for causes they believe in.

And wearing her yellow Lela Rose strapless dress, it was great to see Anne on the red carpet again. That smile really kills me. Also she's making me want to grow out my hair again. Girl crush is alive and kicking.

Sees oceans as life's wellspring

Where's Don?!Photo courtesy of January Jones Fan

"I had shark books and every documentary I could get my hands on. I think they're incredibly beautiful and prehistoric. When I heard that shark populations were being depleted by staggering numbers, I realized (Oceana) would be a perfect play to put my time in to save our environment. Because without sharks, there is no ocean life."

Who knew January Jones was into saving sharks right?!? Apparently, she's not only breathtakingly beautiful but is into using her name for a cause as well. Plus she was in the same event as Anne which only makes me doubly happy. If only Don Draper dropped by as well. But really, it makes me happy that these stars set aside time to help things they believe in.

Women's Impact Report '09 [Variety]
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