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Glee 01x04: Preggers

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Because last week's amazing-ness is pretty much impossible to beat, this week's Glee does a pretty good effort of matching up to last week's explosiveness with a little a lot Beyonce and some help from the Holy Spirit. I guess there is only so much singing and dancing you can cram into one episode, but after getting spoiled last week, I was hoping folks would break into song every other minute. Still, it was pretty fab.

Kurt Wants You To Put A Ring On It
I am probably the only person who still isn't sick of Beyonce's song just because I don't think I was that immersed in it when it first came out. Just like today was the first time I saw the music video for "Irreplaceable." I'm that out of touch. And so when I saw Kurt dancing to this and getting the entire football team to loosen up with it? I really loved it. I'm so glad Kurt's crossed over.

And that he's come out to his dad!!! I LOVE HIS DAD. I used to watch "Yes Dear" so I remember this guy and he used to play a dad of a toddler on that show and now he's Kurt's dad who's so accepting of his son which makes me supremely happy.

Quinn Is the Immaculate Conception!
Oh Quinn. Isn't this so convenient for Terri suddenly? I don't know how she's going to pull this off but she was freaky in the car with Quinn. And why Quinn?!? Why!?!? Why won't you just tell Finn that it's Puck's!?! Look at Puck trying to do right by you and you just totally blowing him off.

I really hope that Puck and Quinn can get together so that Finn can be free and since it's not his baby anyway, he doesn't have to feel all this unnecessary pressure. Look at Finn defending Quinn to Puck. I swear Quinn, I like you, but don't be evil. Do the right thing, girl!

Everyone Else's Drama On the Side
  • Rachel quitting Glee Club?!?! I fear for the club next week but something tells me her quitting won't last long. I really hope she comes back soon.
  • Sue on the evening news talking about flogging and being pro-littering is just spectacular! Leave it to Sue to say things no one else can but everyone else is thinking. Viva Singapore!
  • Look at Will and Emma hug! I was so giddy when I saw them so happy over the win when you know they just needed an excuse to touch! That was priceless.

Needs More Song Numbers!

Single Ladies
I really love how he interpreted this song and how they shot it in black and white and how he didn't bare his legs. His outfit was perfect. Kurt's moves were amazing and Tina and the cheerleader as back-up was just wow. I can watch this over and over.
Taking a Chance
Look! petitecherie they put in some Celine Dion! This has got to be fandoms colliding for you. The only thing that could make this more perfect is if Chris Weitz walked in, but really, Rachel knows how to belt it and she did great with this song. I have to say, I don't think I've ever heard of it before she sang it (shame on me) but she did it really well.
Wow! Tina gets more than one line! She actually gets a song this time. Still, too little Tina and I still feel like I don't know her well enough. But I'm not going to complain. I'm sure she could have reached that last note if her guilt over Rachel not getting the song didn't stop her. I hope she sings this solo.
Single Ladies (Reprise)
I'm sure everyone and their mothers has danced to Single Ladies but seeing the football team do it in the middle of the field in their red uniforms against the green grass was just visually pretty. I love how 'uncoordinated' they seemed and yet it all worked out really great. It doesn't hurt that they won either.
And next week, could it be that we finally get Kristen Chenoweth?!?! I'm really excited. Even if this isn't my most favorite episode, I thought it was pretty damn fantastic. It would have been near impossible to beat Acafellas. But I'm hoping next week takes a stab at it. cause Olive Snook Kristen Chenoweth makes things A+++
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