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90210 02x03: Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat

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I FINALLY feel like 90210 is actually set in 90210. Last season, we had them playing in bowling lanes (though I gotta admit, I actually liked that episode), this season we have them playing on YACHTS! They're on a boat folks and though Andy Samberg and crew were missing, they made up for it with 'hot' DJ-chicas (who's playlist inclues the original version of 'Poison') for Dixon, more drama for Naomi, and some confusion for Adrianna!

Six More Surgeries For Silver
Moral lesson of this entire story: Do not get a tattoo of the name of the boy you're seeing -- even if you're married. Seriously. I'ma all for skin art, but if it ain't your name, don't slap it on because unlike Edward and Bella in Seducing Edward, it just isn't going to work. Still, I'm proud of Silver for not throwing a major hissy fit over Dixon and the DJ Sasha.

Silver actually DID NOT cry in this episode and I'm really going to give snaps to this girl for not shedding a tear -- or killing the girl. I was totally expecting a cat fight and instead we see her riding on to Dixon's story. Something tells me Dixon doesn't need any help creating this traniwreck anyway. I see someone reporting a missing car and getting traced to Napa Valley. Principal Wilson won't be happy.

Let the Annie/Naomi War Games Begin
I have to say before anything that Annie's getting really pretty wardrobe choices. I've been LOVING everything she's wearing though I may have to lose like half my weight to look like her, she's looking real good in her clothes. I love the pieces they're putting on her.

But back to the Annie/Naomi war. I feel bad for Liam really getting stuck in the middle of all of this and just because he refuses to hurt Naomi more by telling her he slept with Jen. I'm kinda proud of Annie for standing up for herself but I'm afraid of the trouble she's getting herself into. I'm expecting a full out war folks. I'm taking out my popcorn. This shoudl be fun to watch.

But really, Liam. You must like Naomi that much/or are scared that much of her wrath. Either way, Liam you're still pretty. Though I'm not quite sure what the hell he's doing with those floor plans, something tells me he isn't about to build a house.

What's Adrianna To Do?
Navid is quite possibly the cutest person ever. When he edited the piece so that he was interviewing himself? Really really sweet and I liked it. I had the same reaction as Adrianna, except less gushy and more on the Lulzy side. Navid obviously has too much time on his hands to come up with that adorable apology.

Meanwhile his plan for overcompensating seems to be fruitless as Teddy (who doesn't just look 30, but is 30 in real life) is ready to swoop in on Adrianna. is that a look of guilt on her face after the almost kiss? I'm glad she didn't go through with it, especially since they're in his boat and all, but something tells me Teddy won't give up that easily.

Even if this wasn't my most favorite episode so far, I gotta say it's pretty good. I want more of the trio and though I like the boys, I love the girls a bit more, so I wouldn't mind seeing more of their prettiness on my screen. And what's up with Kelly/Harry?!?! Seriously, that's just not going to fly with me. At all. Mommy Debbie may be a dweeb at times, but she's Aunt Beckie and kelly better not tap Harry. save yourself for Ryan! I'm sure you're both still hung up on each other.
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