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Gossip Girl 03x02: The Freshman

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Now this is a good start to the season. Thank goodness the writers stepped it up this week because they needed to make up for last week's not so stellar season premiere. I hope it handles it better than other teen shows that have gone the collegiate route. And with the looks of things: canceling of enrollment and learning things the hard way, this looks like it's gonna be a season semester to remember.

But B Needs Her Headbands!
It's kinda sad how Blair can't figure out 'how to make friends' in college but then again, she never had to. She just had a flock follow her. Only Serena and the NJBC will ever accept her without her trying so this should be a challenge getting folks in college to like her. All I gotta say, is they're offering sushi and sake in the next dorm room, I'm there. Free food is still free food. And it's good food at that.

Props to Dorota for being so game to plan a party with Miss Blair. You can so tell she's going to miss her favorite ward while Blair's off in her dorm -- her dorm which looks almost like her room at home! Amazing stuff. Also, Blair using Dan? Priceless. They're fab together.

Oh Blair. I feel bad that she had to do that to Georgina, but she wouldn't have been Blair if she didn't try. And yeah, she gets beaten at her own game, but at least we know this season will be fun with Georgina and Blair trying to upstage each other.

The cutest parts though? Whenever Blair runts to Chuck or is with Chuck. I loved how Chuck saw her off to school and tried talking her out of 'dominating the university' and yet he was there when she crawled back into bed with him with her tail between her legs. That's love y'all.

Oh Look! D's all Popular Now
Well well well, look who's found his people now. It was eventual that Dan would find his peers in college and I'm glad for him. I also like how he's so ~normal with Serena and even taking her in when she has no place to go. Standing up to Blair? I wish he didn't, just because he and Blair are fabulous together in a non-sexual way, but I guess he had to do what he had to do. I'm not a fan of him and Georgina either. but hey let's see where this goes.

I loved how Dan tells Serena to heed Rufus's advice though. I think it's sweet how Dan really really really looks up to his dad and really respects his opinion. Totally reminds me of the Edward/Carlisle dynamic in Art After 5, but that's just me obsessing.

S! How Dare You Do That to C?!
And S! WTF!!! Really! After Chuck takes you in and shares things with you, you just blow things up in his face and make Carter feel used at the same time. How many sins against cute boys can you commit in one episode my friend?!?! I'm still not over her sabotage with Chuck. And then she realizes 'how wrong' she is in the end. Girl needs to think things through before doing anything.

And lookie now, I guess all is well with her and Carter again. I need to see these folks on a regular basis without them being on/off. This totally feels like Dan/Serena 2.0 if they keep faking up and getting back together again.

Meanwhile N and V get serious (not with each other)
And just because I might as well. I'm still not a fan of Rufus and Lily's son, and the odd 'recommending horrible teachers to Vanessa' bit but I'll live. I could really care less. I'm just excited for Dan and Rufus and Lily to all find out that he's related to them and totally using Vanessa to get close.

Nate on the other hand, literally spent the entire time in bed. Oh wait, he got her a cup of tea or something, but other than that, he's been lovely dovey with Bree. I smell drama next week because they can't keep them THIS happy for long. Who knew Chace Crawford had so much underarm hair? Just saying.

Definitely a step up up up compared to last week, and to think I wasn't too disappointed last time, so this week was a really good one. Then again, I am easy to please. I hope I get to watch this one without rushing next week. I hate not having time to watch my shows!!!
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