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Mad Men 03x06: Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency

I honestly don't know how to begin recapping this episode just because it was so brilliant on so many levels. This episode was so funny for me, I seriously couldn't stop laughing from the many funny things that happened -- though I doubt they were meant to be so hilarious. It seems like the British coming has everyone in a tizzy, even Don Draper -- though you can't quite tell he's nervous just because he's too cool for that. Fantastic.

The Brits are Coming Y'all
  • Look at the Americans go crazy with preparation for the coming of the Brits. I love the shots of the group when they're all listening to the announcement. Peggy's still lumped with the secretaries, heads are upfront, and look at Don. Always on his own.
  • And the look on Peggy and Pete's face as they get introduced to the Brits (WHO INCLUDES MR. SCHEFFIELD FROM THE NANNY!!!! MY BRAIN TOTALLY SHUT DOWN FOR AN ENTIRE MINUTE THERE!!!!). Pete and Peggy look so eager beaver to please! I love it.
  • And yes, what a handsome group (save for the third guy who isn't the CEO-to-be or Mr. Scheffield, who still looks so delicious). Peggy's secretary says it best.
  • I felt bad for Pryce getting transplanted to Bombay. I guess the Brits really have no personal attachments. They're just pure business. I feel bad cause Pryce was so excited about how he handled things so well.
  • "I apologize for my wild imagination" -- Bert Cooper
  • And so New Handsome Guy getting run over and losing a foot and being 'incapable' of handling things according to the Brits, is good news for Pryce and possibly Don. Do I see a step up for him?
  • "One more promotion and we're gonna be answering phones" -- Pete Campbell

Look Who's There to Catch Peggy's Fall
Lookie at this. I swear these two have ONE scene together
and I totally die with it anyway
Seriously. Can these two get any freaking cuter together?! Don't you just love how it's Pete that catches her when she falls?!?! I know PRyce and the Brits had their snake metaphor and Don and Pryce had their funeral metaphor, but this here is my favorite 'metaphor'

Joan Will Always Be the Best Damn Office Person Ever
  • I absolutely love how Joan is still on top of her game even with her leaving. THIS CANNOT BE THE END FOR HER THOUGH. I don't think I've ever seen Joan cry in public and this was just such a touching moment, though we all know she was crying for something else.
  • Her husband so DOES NOT deserve her. How she was so nice to him and so sexy with her boobies all for show and all that. DR. HUSBAND does NOT deserve our Joanie!!!
  • "I wish you caviar and children, and all that is good in your new life!"
  • I Love how Peggy really tried to convey to Joan her gratitude. It was a really nice moment. Still, I refuse for this to be the end of Joan and Sterling Cooper. Roger NEEDS TO LEAVE Jane and go with Joan.

Don: Despite the circus today, I hope you know
that you are going to be terribly missed
Joan: It's nice to hear, especially from you Don.
But wait! Could this be?! Could there have been a past for these two?! Because though I love Roger/Joan and Betty/Don, you know Don/Joan would be HOT AS HELL. Seriously. The way Don's thanking her and the way she's looking at him, you can SOOOOOOO TELL something happened or something. Damn. In Randy Jackson's immortal words: "We've got a hot one here tonight!"

Roger Sterling Will Always be in My flowchart
I LOVE YOU BETH BERT COOPER for trying your best to resurrect the BROMANCE that is Don/Roger. You know they're having a little tiff between them and I love it how he totally swoops in and books them for a barber appointment! How metro of him! I LOVE IT.

And the metrosexual bonding experience with the shaving and all. You can tell they miss each other like recovering addicts miss their drugs. Come on and just get back together already boys! You're my favorite ship in this thing!

Roger: Bye bye Don
Oh and you can so tell that Roger would be devastated if Don did move to London. I love how Betty was all optimistic about getting a pram and a proper nanny too! I need to see the Draper's in London! Sally in a private school uniform? yes please. But you know Roger WON'T let that happen. He'll miss Don too much.

Sally will always be Don's Little Girl
But really, I can't believe how invested I am in this Sally Draper storyline. Heck, though my brother is named after both my dead grandfathers, I guess I didn't get to get to close to them before they died to have that memory with me with my new baby brother.

Betty obviously is NOT handling this well. And I can't blame her, she wasn't raised well either. But I'm really proud of Don here. Which then leads me to my Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week. Look at Don actually hearing Sally out. Sure, at first he just tells her she's safe and nothing can happen to her cause he's home (which is sweet, but not helping, nor is telling her that there's no such thing as ghosts), but when he hears her out and listens to why she's scared and does something about it? That's just love. And i just wanna be Kiernan Shipka as she gets to sit in Don's lap and gets hugs from Don when she's scared of nightmares. Damn. This show just keeps getting freaking better. I need to rewatch when I actually have time. Amazing.

Don: Hey, I got you. just breathe. Shhh.

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