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You Probably Say That It Was Juvenile; But I Think That I Deserve To Smile

Where Did It Go? -- 37 Down/15 to Go[me]
[-] This week went by so fast, I honestly don't remember what happened to me the last Monday. It's crazy how time just whizzes by like that and now my weekend is over. A weekend that I spent working because of an event. Still, I got to shop on my last day at the bazaar and bought a pretty bag and shoes. Paycheck, where are you?

[+] But this week ALL my shows returned (well not all, Chuck and Skins come back next year), but the rest came back and I was fairly happy with all of them! This is always good. Then I got updates from Art After 5, Hydraulic Level 5 AND Emancipation Proclamation! You know I can't complain with all those goodies!

[+] I still don't know what 'normal' is for my work so I hope I don't mess up too much this coming week. I don't want to be known as the new kid who can't get anything right. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!
It's not fair how I couldn't flail properly over the extended 8 seconds to the new New Moon trailer because I was in a meeting with my big boss. Oh the harsh realities of life. It does get in the way of fandom. Still, swamped with work thanks to another event at the end of the week. I hope this 2-events back to back isn't a common thing. It's got me on edge at the office, just thinking about it. I hope I don't let my boss down. I wore a dress today for three reasons. First off, it wasn't raining. For once in like forever, the sun was shining and i was feeling really happy. Second, Zanjoe Marudo came by the office and I wanted to look prettier than I did with Piolo. Zanjoe is talk, dark and handsome and smells real good by the way. I gotta say, I got kilig. Third, I wanted to show my office mates that I didn't look like trash all the time. Mission accomplished. My mom is the best. I still hadn't worked on my papers for clearance for college and now that I'm working, I really won't have the time to do it. So she went and applied for my transcript for me and waited and the rain and stuff. It kind of goes full circle as I was in New York back when I was supposed to be enrolling for college so my mom did all the registration for me. Today she did all my exit papers. So coincidentally cool. Thanks mom! Being stuck in traffic during office hours should totally be a blessing, but somehow, since I was in the car with my boss, and I was of course ridden with my nervous-induced-babbling, the vocal diarrhea just did not stop. I was trying to be calm and cool and not divulge anything personal, even if my boss is totally totally nice, but I can't take uncomfortable silences and so I filled it up. She knows too much now.
Quite possibly one of the longest days of my recent life, I was up at the crack of dawn and didn't stop moving till I was able to leave the bazaar in the early evening. It was nice to have dinner with my parents and sister (who came to 'support' the event, which was real sweet) but I was so exhausted, I didn't even have time to watch the season premiere of Bones!!! What?! I know, this is what happens with work. Even if I got to go to the bazaar later today, it still felt like the day dragged on forever. It doesn't help either that there were creepy dudes lurking around our booth. I swear I wish I had huge male friends next to me just to scare folks away. I didn't go around the bazaar until Pamy came out of fear that I'd be broke by the time the weekend was over. So far so good. I had dinner with jamypye and her boyfriend Jody too. Soooo full. Being alone at the bazaar wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It actually felt more 'relaxed' cause I was doing things at my pace and I didn't need to look if I was messing up royally in front of my bosses. I also realized that EVERYONE I know works for Rockwell. I saw buddy boy and though I'm over him, it felt so nostalgic as I'd meet up with his friends at that mall. So high school. We text for a bit. I'm glad he's happy with his girlfriend.
Tags: 2009 weekender, buddy boy, celebrity encounters, first job, malls, parents, siblings
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