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Bones 05x01: Harbingers in the Fountain

[Bones Online]
I didn't realize just how much I missed Bones until I saw the season premiere this week. Even if I just marathoned through four seasons this summer and caught up with the last AU season finale, I feel like I've waited long enough for the season premiere and well, it didn't disappoint. We've got professions of love, Cyndi Lauper as a guest star, clowns, lots of Booth and Brennan and some Dr. Sweets to fill in between.

Bones Doesn't Believe in Coinkidinks
Of course Bones doesn't believe in psychics but her tarot card reading was so so very telling. I love how everything was just so spot on. And it was totally funny how she had to ask Cam why she wanted to give her a hug, only to be accosted by Hodgins on her return. So freaking adorable.

But really, Avalon telling Bones that Booth new her real self and was 'dazzled' by it?! My favorite prediction from the psychic just because even if Bones doesn't believe in all this paranormal stuff, at least the seeds of whatever are planted into her brain and she's seeing things.

Booth Should Totally Ignore Neurologists
And Booth telling Cam that he's in love with Bones -- even if technically it was Cam that told him, but at least he didn't deny it. And how confused Booth was over how 'different' he was after the accident. I was kinda annoyed at Sweets for telling him this would fade, but I know they're all just looking out for Bones. I mean Cam telling Booth that Bones would never trust anyone ever again and die alone if he changed his mind is pretty tough to deal with.

I'm glad Avalon is on Team Booth/Brennan because someone needs to encourage this. We've got enough naysayers, we need at least one person cheering them on. I hope they figure this out and just man up and do something about it in a non alternate universe setting.

Booth wants a kiss on the forehead!!!
Look at Booth and Brennan's faces when they see each other! That hug they give each other is sooooo freaking genuine it's not even funny. Bones didn't want to hug Cam or Hodgins but she willingly threw herself at Booth. That's love y'all.

And then Booth going to Brennan at an ungodly hour of the morning to tell her his feelings, only to back out and pussy out of it. I wanted to slap him silly but then it was cute cause Bones was inviting him to breakfast and for fear of saying anything that might incriminate him, he just goes and does his job.

But really, Angela kissing Booth on the forehead and then Bones joking him about it, when really you could see that he really did want Bones to kiss him (anywhere, I'm sure) just got me all giddy and happy and the look on Booth's face just said it all.

Booth to the Rescue!
Booth rescuing Bones again from the creepy doctor and holding her there and calling her 'baby' if I heard right and just assuring her that he wasn't going anywhere was really really really really sweet. These two are just perfect for each other and I'm sure they felt really glad to have each other at that moment. I love how Bones really let him hold her and just stay there with her.

Booth Loves Bones in an Atta Girl
But really, just because he didn't shoot the clown, doesn't mean his feelings for her are 'changed' either. I really feel that he loves her in a non-atta-girl kind of way and really this is just a minor speed bump till they eventually get together. Because she loves him too in an atta-boy kind of way when you know they both just want to say they love each other minus the atta-girl/boy addition.

I'm really really really excited for the progression of their love this season (it'll be the first I watch in real time) and I hope they get good cases this year as well. I wonder what happened to all of Bones's assistants especially since two of them are in Mad Men already but really I'm just psyched to have this show back!
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