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Glee 01x03: Acafellas

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I didn't think anything could top last week's explosive performance, but Glee has done it again and no matter how much hype I give this show, it will always always surpass my expectations. I watched it three times in a row just because I couldn't get enough and each time, my brain would totally just explode from the awesomeness of this show. Come on Fox, pick it up for more episodes please?

Raise Your Hand If You Want To Sex Matthew Morrison Up!
First off, Victor Garber (aka Daddy Bristow) as Mr. Schuester Sr?! PERFECTION! I wish they'd let him sing but just having him there was enough. I swear we were tearing up when they were having their dad-son bits.

The Acafellas (Henri, Sandy, Howard and Ken have the best album cover EVER) are quite possibly the most adorable boy band ever. But when they got Puck and Finn to join in, I was just dying. Finn is a horrible dancer and it's totally adorable how bad he is at it.

But really back to Will and his lack of confidence. All I gotta say is Terri is one lucky mofo, trying to get pregnant again. This man is too handsome for his own good. jamypye just keeps remembering how good he was in Light in the Piazza and I really do believe her.

But here as Mr. Schu? I'm in love. A man who can sing (and dance) is such a prize. Terri! You better get pregnant soon cause this lie is getting bigger by the second! Right before they performed, while they were backstage wearing their tuxes, I just died. Finn/Will in a non-slash manner are really really adorable together.

That's some sexy baseball we playing here
Keep swinging those hips boys

Don't Deny It, Finn. What You Guys Had Was Real
I'm really really proud of how Rachel is just laying it all out for Finn and not playing any games. I totally idolize her now. She's just really upfront about things and her feelings for him and you can so tell Finn was trying to use this against her but I'm glad she stood her ground. Go girl. Don't let him manipulate you. You're the boss.

Mercedes Doesn't Need No Gayvention!!!
Mercedes not realizing Kurt was gay or at least was in denial about it was really adorable. I mean you could just tell how she was just really desperate for some attention even if they were going to Sound of Music Sing alongs and doing Liza Minelli marathons. I can't blame her, Kurt does have a cuteness to him and he's got this real charm.

Plus everyday is an opportunity for fashion? This must be my mantra. It's fabulous. Kurt/Mercedes would be a fab duo in fag hag kind of way. I love them. And wait, Kurt likes Finn? I like where this is going already.

Puck, I'm No Cougar, But You Can Make An Exception Right?
Who knew Puck could be so freaking adorable?! I mean seriously. I'm glad we got to see more of him just because he's a really funny character. Cougars for Puck! I love his fixation on cougars so much! The nipple ring and the constant cougar queries is hilarious.

Meanwhile, could this be Quinn getting all soft on us? That last line she told Sue was telling of possibly a nicer Quinn next week? I feel though that this will give Rachel more of a push towards Finn which will then let Quinn regress. But that's just me. She's still pretty.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow/This is How We Do it
Can Will get any hotter? It's not possible but he will because forming a BOYBAND is always the answer to confidence issues. And look at Will rock the boyband leader role! I love how he stuck to his group! Their first harmonizing really reminded me of *N Sync cause they love a capella and like famouslyso said they have to do *N Sync too! My world would explode if they did.
I just found the original of this and the video is hilarious. Their rendition of it though? Priceless. I love the dance moves and the harmonizing and the lyrics are crazy as hell. Ken Tanaka with his baritone is the best! Who knew boy could sing sooooo well? And look at Emma cheering on the wrong guy! It's okay Emma, we understand. Especially with Will moving like that. Too freaking hot.
This song brings me back to Summer 2008 and I just love how Vocal Adrenaline give another flawless performance despite the Nazi ways of Dakota Stanley. I love their choreography and really want to be part of this club just because they're freaking fabulous! And remember, you can never leave practice. EVER. I wonder if New Directions will ever get this good? That'll be fun!
Bust Your Window
Go Mercedes. I Love her voice and the entire performance. The back-up cheerdancers and the carwash as the setting was just so pretty to look at. And look at Mercedes shaking her booty and looking fabulous in her red jacket. Poor kid, thinking Kurt liked Rachel instead of her. I just love her voice and the way this was pulled off. Amazing stuff.
I Wanna Sex You Up
But really, the Acafellas owned this number. Color me Badd would be proud of this rendition of their song. From the tuxes to the lighting, to the choreography, to the voicing, this was just Glee at its best. Will looking fly, Puck being sexy, Finn looking awkward. My sister and I watched it over and over. I think I might go and repeat it again just because I wanna get sexed up as well. I need an encore right now please.
I don't know how they're going to outdo this one next week but I'm really excited to see them try. Ryan Murphy is a freaking genius and I hate how Popular only got 2 seasons. Fox, I'm really watching you. Better not mess this one up because it's quite possibly the bestest show on TV right now.
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