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90210 02x02: To Sext or Not to Sext

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Is it weird that I find myself enjoying this show more and more?! I really liked their season premiere now that I think of it. And their 2nd episode was pretty freaking good too. And I actually didn't cringe with Annie and all her depression which I usually wouldn't enjoy. It's not supposed to be this way. I'm not supposed to like it too much. But oh dear, I really am. There's finally pleasure and not just guilt in guilty pleasure!

Naomi needs better role models. Like right now.
Though I have to say, Annie's breaking down is far more believable than last season's freak out, I'm really hoping Naomi realizes what she's doing wrong. She's obviously still so very hung up on Liam and I'm glad Liam knows that Naomi 'wants Chinese' (that conversation was so hilariously male).

And look, Naomi sort of has a heart. She wasn't even going to send the SEXT anymore if Jen hadn't reverse psychologied her into it. Thank you Adrianna for letting Naomi know that what she planned on doing with the SEXT is evil, albeit your actions were in vain. I swear, Jen is such a horrible role model for her, but I'm not hating her somehow. I like how there's ~conflict for her. Still, I just want Naomi and Liam to be happy.

Jen is so going to eat her words when she actually falls for Ryan
Despite the fact that Jen's 'only using Ryan' at the moment, when Ryan realizes that he's been used, he'll totally ditch her and then Jen will have her ~epiphany only for it to be too late with Ryan. This is my fearless prediction for their story arc. I can write teen dramas. Not really, but yeah.

Meanwhile, I am really really liking Liam. So he's got a semi-crazy mom who really just cares for him even if isn't really giving him the right kind of attention. I'm glad he's now aware of Naomi being un-over him. I love how he's looking so 'lost little boy' instead of bad ass right now. What a difference a summer can make. And who knew he was so rich? Oh yeah he goes to West Bev.

Silver feels like she's seconds away from going postal again
Damn, Silver really can't get over Dixon? I'm kinda nervous she's just going to snap. She has been bawling for the boy two episodes in a row. I hope she gets over this for a while next week. I wanna see her happy. Especially with this really fantastic hair of hers! I'm so growing my hair out to Silver-length. It works on her.

And look, Silver's trying to reach out to Annie. Though I appreciate this, I hope this isn't the introduction of the rekindling of Annie and Silver's BFF-ness cause I really really really like Silver with Naomi and Adrianna. They're an awesome trio. This cannot be ruined by Annie. Okay? Thanks.

Navid is such a high school boy. Oh wait, he is!
I was going to complain about how annoyingly insecure Navid is and then I realized, but of course he's got to be! He's a high school boy! They're programmed that way. And with HOW HOT Adrianna is looking these days, you sort of can't blame him. When Navid attacked Teddy though, I felt it had gone a little too far and I'm proud of how Teddy handled it. He's cool as a cucumber all the freaking time. I wonder what makes him tick.

Because the way he looks at Adrianna kinda shows that he's so not over her and though he really really reminds me of Ken, I'm gonna forgive him and hope he's got a good story arc ahead and that they don't just trash his character afterwards. Speaking of new characters, Rumer Willis is on this show!?!? I don't know if she's a regular, but she wasn't so bad. I just hope she doesn't come back all the time. Still not a fan, Rumer. Sorry!

Oh Look! Everyone's so pretty on this show
The trio are still as gorgeous as ever! I'm glad they're taking advantage of their West Coast location because we finally see more beach and sun and not just high school! And the girls look fabulous in their California girl outfits and their swimwear lounging in the beach. I really want to hang out with these girls. They seem like fun!

Meanwhile, the boys look like they stepped out of Star Trek. No joke. It's cute how they're all trying out for the surf team. So i guess now that Ethan's gone, there will be no mention of lacrosse anymore? I guess this means more time for Jen/Ryan as he won't be coaching anymore? But the boys looks so wonderfully gay in their bodysuits and their grouphugs! I love a good bromance.

And so goes ANOTHER great episode of 90210. I gotta give it to the crew and cast because it just keeps getting better. I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope it's all good from here on because I'm actually truly enjoying this show. Their capitalizing on what sells: the pretty close-ups and the beach. Let's hope they can keep this up.
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