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Drew and Ellen Whip It Into Shape

Whip It Good[Just Jared]
I know this is all publicity for Drew's upcoming movie, Whip It, but I gotta say, I'm kinda jealous of Ellen Page here. I wish I could be friends with Drew! She seems like such a cool person to be pals with. And now Ellen Page gets all that and gets to star in the movie with her.

And I gotta say, Ellen Page is 10 days younger than me and yet her resume filmography boasts not just of Juno, she was also in Hard Candy which Eclipse director David Slade made, and she'll be in freaking Inception with Leo and supposedly a Jane Eyre adaptation for BBC! What a difference 10 days makes.

The point of this entire post is just for me to fangirl about how pretty they both look on tht cover. I love the color yellow. I love Drew. I love magazine covers. This combines everything I like. Watch me squee.

Marie Claire: [to Ellen]
I heard you backpacked through Romania.
Ellen Page:
Yeah, the summer before last. God, where does time go? It was fantastic.
I took a year off after I shot Juno. I was just like, Ugh—I was tired of working.

Drew Barrymore:
I couldn't do that. I'm so jealous. I never take a break.
Ellen Page:
I'm going to pull you away soon, and we'll go on a wild adventure.

Marie Claire:
Was the chemistry instant between you two?
Drew Barrymore:
We didn't know each other at first, but there was no other person
I was going to make the movie with.

Ellen Page:
I know this is a cheesy thing to say, but it was magic.
And seeing how Drew has established community and friends, L.A. has become ...
well, I like being in L.A. now. I'm so grateful to this girl. I love her.

Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page: Bosom Buddies [Marie Claire]
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