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Gossip Girl 03x01: Reversals of Fortune

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I can hardly believe that Gossip Girl is already on it's 3rd season. Feels like yesterday when I was looking forward to the casting choices for Blair and Serena and now I can't imagine my TV without Gossip Girl in the mix. It feels like all the UES kids (and some Brooklynites) have found love over the summer -- others with those we left off last season and others, with new faces. Welcome back to the Upper East Side, kiddies!

So Much For Backpacking Through Europe
I'll start with them because i have the least to say about these two new couples. I'm probably one of the few who liked Nate/Vanessa together, so seeing them with new people isn't exactly getting me on the welcome wagon, but I won't close my mind to it.

Though Vanessa was never my favorite character, I liked her with Nate and now that she's with Rufus and Lily's son (who seems to be using V anyway to get to his parents), I'm just not getting into it. It doesn't help that I'm not too fond of the actor who plays the son. This is basically a lose/lose situation for me.

On the other hand, there's the Bree Buckley/Nate (Vanderbilt) Archibald, Romeo/Juliet-esque rival families, political scions love affair that can't be going on and somehow, I'm a little more interested. Maybe cause Joanna Garcia is likeable or the fact that Nate is ONCE AGAIN hiding a relationship with a slightly less older woman. But Nate is pretty and though he's been bland before, I'm hoping this new love angle gives him more zing this season. And yes, that is me saying very little.

Because Practically The Entire Cast Are Van Der Woodsen-Humphrey's Now
Isn't it so convenient for me to recap now that the the Humphreys and Van Der Woodsens have joined house though sorely lacking their mother hen!? I have to say, I'm missing Lily, but as Eric (who made up for this loss) put it, Rufus seems to be doing a good job of keeping things together. Rufus, more rumpled yet exuding more ease with his newly money-ed state, still plays grounded father to his kids as well as to Lily's offspring.

Look at Rufus trying to rally up the troops to
have fun for Lily's sake. that's true love y'all

How weird is this for Serena?! Getting talked down to by Rufus for partying it up!? But what I'm more interested in is her re-coupling with fuck buddy Carter, who seems to be looking for a 'deeper connection' with her. What's up with all this 'trying-to-get-my-father's-attention' storyline? I wanna see Mr. Van Der Woodsen, that's the bottom line. Though I wouldn't mind some Carter on the side. Fresh coupling here we come.

Then there's the 'get-Serena-out-of-the-tabloids' scheme that everyone seems to be working on, including a very very BUFF Dan Humphrey. My brother Pio brought it to my attention that Dan was looking mighty buff this season. True enough, he does look so much bigger and just wow, different. This new Dan rides limos, has expensive wallets (with lots of money he can't break) and wears $3000 suits! Hello Rich Kid. Someone's enjoying the spoils of the new money.

But really my favorite aspect of this entire family has got to be Jenny and Eric. The fag hag to the real queen, Jenny is such a cute side-ish kick to Queen Eric. I love Eric and if this first episode is an indication to how much more Eric we'll be getting, then I don't mind. I need more Eric all the time. How cute is he, going to Brooklyn with Jenny despite the smallness of their place? Only a true friend, y'all.

He Isn't Chuck Bass Without Blair
This then leaves me to the reason I'm still even watching this show. The beauty that is Chuck/Blair. I can't help but love these two. Look at them playing games to 'spice' up a relationship. Didn't they just get together? I guess prevention really is better than cure when it comes to these two.

But really, how OOC is Chuck now (and I'm not complaining) that he's just wants to make Blair happy and everyone else can go screw themselves!? The sex must be really good. This then leads me to wish that Chuck and Blair had a weekly HBO show just so we could have HBO style sex for them instead of CW-style ones. Because by the looks of their game playing, I'm sure the sex is great. He is Chuck Bass and she is Blair Waldorf.

It's kinda cute how Serena and Nate were the ones to talk a tad of sense into their respective biffies heads. I mean yes, the game playing can be cute when it's just the two of you, but when you're including third parties, there could be complications. Still, anytime these two are together, you know I'm squeeing inside just because I've waited so long for this and seeing them together even if they're not ripping each others clothes off, makes me happy.

And look at Blair get all protective of her man. It's adorable how she really gets into the game but then is so obviously getting tired of it. The look on her face when she says she DID enjoy it is precious. She wants Chuck all to herself now and I don't blame her.

At the polo game when Chuck eyes that Alexandra chick and suddenly disappears? Blair gets all livid and panicky and you can tell she wants to put a fence around Chuck. Her raiding his room looking to where Chuck stashed the girl was really adorable as well. Then he utters the words, "I'm not Chuck Bass without you" just makes me melt inside. These two CANNOT break up. I literally CANNOT see them with anyone else.

I don't think I'll ever see waiters the same way again.
Especially if my waiter was Chuck Bass.

And though the season premiere didn't exactly blow me away the way the 2nd season premiere one did, I have to say I'm hopeful for this season. If the writers aren't lying, then we get Chuck/Blair and really, though a more well-rounded show with well-developed story arcs for everyone is ideal, as long as I get my Chuck/Blair fix, I won't complain.
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