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Mad Men 03x05: The Fog

I think Mr. Pryce said it best: "It's better to have a little bit of Don Draper than no Don Draper at all." This is my mantra everyday as I take in a bit of Mad Men to tide me over till the next great episode. And this week, not only do I get a lot of Don Draper, but I finally get my Pete/Peggy moment -- though not exactly what I was hoping for, it'll have to do. It's also better to have a little Roger Sterling than none at all.

Don Is Not Taking His Chance To Start Fresh
Look at Don obviously wanting to fuck his daughter's teacher but restraining himself. You've got give him credit. You know he could have had her anytime he wanted, but he's totally being a good guy with Betty's dad dying and her being pregnant. Who knew Don had a heart?!?

However, not such a big heart that he's willing to start afresh. I don't care how many times Mr. Hobart tells Don that he's going to get a fresh start, I doubt Don's changing his ways soon especially now that Betty's in the clear. I sense a parent-teacher conference (if you know what I mean) going on.

I just love Roger. Dada. Only Roger could pull this line off and still appeal to me on so many levels. But really, the OTP this episode would have to be Don/Sally. Look at him whip something up even if he 'isn't as good as mommy.' This is probably the first genuine bonding moment he's had with his daughter. Go Don.

Don doesn't seem so pleased with his kid being named Gene,
but I liked this scene just because there's Don and Don's reflection
giving Betty a pacifying kiss on the forehead. So very Don.

Betty Should Close Her Mouth or Flies Will Go In
Only Betty can go from 'ugly' pregnant to radiant post-birth lady. I love how she easily switched from bloody-sweaty, to coifed and perfect for the arrival home. Only Betty could pull this off. She looks hot even when sweaty.

And look at poor Betty dreaming of her apparently really uptight mom who still tells her to shut her mouth in her dreams. I see where her propriety comes from. I really hope this new baby is a good thing for her and Don and the kids.

I love it when Bobby and Sally greet Betty when she gets home. Still not the most affectionate mother, but now I understand. I've seen Betty's mom and she didn't look the huggie/kiss type of mom either. Poor kids.

Look at Don disappear. I'm sure there's some
metaphor for this, but it's just a pretty shot and I like it

Pete and Peggy Have a 'Secret Relationship'
Pete: Hey where you going?
Peggy: To the ladies room. Wanna join me?
Peggy: It's my decision
Pete: Your decisions affect me
Such a short conversation and yet so many deep-seated issues in one exchange. These two need to go to Grey's together with Duck! It would be so cute if they both got pirated over to a rival firm as a team! Pete in accounts and Peggy in creatives! Even Duck can see they make a great team!

And how sadly things end for both of them with Pete getting scolded by both Sterling (who so creatively put it as "Let me put it in account terms? Do you have any idea how many hand jobs I'm gonna have to give?!" -- now that I have to see.)AND Cooper and Peggy NOT getting the raise she thought she was so obviously stating from Don. Don't you guys see you'd both be happier together?!? Oh how their decisions they affect each other. I need more Pete/Peggy now.

So we finally get to the Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week. It's not so much an awww moment but more like a 'Don's human?!' moment! And not human in a sense that he's prone to temptation, cause we all know he is. But when he got off the phone (mind-cheating with Sally's teacher), he's totally flustered by Betty's announcement that it's time go to the hospital! It's adorable how he actually has a non-suave human moment, forgetting the keys are in his hand. He's not a god after all.

Don: Let me go get my keys
Betty: They're in your hand

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