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The Most Important 3:08 Minutes of the VMAs

Hello Trio[Lion and Lamb Love]
Thank god I didn't have to sit through two hours of awards-giving when all I really wanted was 2:19 of the 'new' trailer, 00:08 of extended scenes, and 00:45 seconds of live appearance from Rob and Kristen (and Taylor) at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Luckily, the spam posts kept me updated as I lurked in the office waiting for anything on my favorite cast. I waited in vain, as Rob and Kristen skipped the red carpet and was supposedly not even in the audience. And was the 'extended' version of that fantastic leaked trailer worth it? I would say yes. Those four 2-second additions sure packed the punch.

Does Four Seconds More Mean It's Extended?!

  • So we finally see Bella in the cafeteria with more humans! Yay! I love humans!
  • And look! Bella outside the theater! I want to see Mike Newton throw up!
  • Too bad Jacob, she won't stay, even for you. Boohoo. Looking good though.
  • Did Edward really tell Demetri and Felix to GO TO HELL!!! HOLLER!!!
I cannot stop reiterating how New Moon teasers >>> Twilight as a whole. Chris Wetiz, go make me proud. Make the movie live up to these wonderful trailers. Seriously.

Before Going Full On Twilight

There was a time when I really cared about the VMA's (think Nsync era) but now I could care less. But when I saw Leighton Meester step out looking fantastic in her white and grey Christian Cota Fall 2009 mini dress. Not a fan of the hair or make-up but she looked good to me. I love Ashley Greene but I wasn't really feeling her gold Dolce and Gabanna miniskirt. She looks cute in her extensions though.

And look, it's the Taylors!!! First, Taylor Lautner looking non-17! Seriously. I cannot see him as a teenager anymore. He looks older than Kristen! And poor Taylor Swift pre-Kanye-interruption in a sequined nude and silver floor length Kaufman Franco Resort 2009 gown. Kanye can hate, but I love the dress.

The 10 Seconds wherein Ratings Spiked

And because neither Rob nor Kristen walked the red carpet, the ten seconds they were onstage is all we get of them. It's really smart of MTV to even put them in the show because they sure as hell got a shitload of folks watching and waiting for that 15 second live appearance. Looks like it's back to filming in Vancouver as they didn't even stay for the rest of the show, or even sit in the audience! There weren't any cuts to them seated with the crowd at all.

How awkwardly adorable can these three get?! It's like they're still not used to all of it and still looking totally pretty while being so uncomfortable onstage. How many hair grabs did Rob get in to this ten second appearance? I'm sure he snuck in some there. Of course Taylor -- the most comfy among the three -- came out TWICE! How I wish Rob or Kristen could have made more appearances as well.

More Twilight Trio Backstage

And really HOW BEAUTIFUL WAS KRISTEN?!?! I swear! I loved her unexpected choice of the metallic beaded tulle Valentino dress with sheer yoke!!! Just stunning. And her hair and makeup?! Could she be any more perfect?! I love this hair cut. I want to see the back, if it's still up in a pony or if she got a bob! But really, my girl crush on her just intensified.

I can't wait for New Moon, yes. But now I want the promotional blitz to start just so I can see the many different outfits Kristen will be wearing and how her hair will change as the dresses/outfits do. And do I even need to mention how suave!Rob looked totally handsome in his oh so hygienic get up! He looks real clean and real dashing and just wow. He's got sloppy!hot down pat. I don't know how I stopped myself from squeeing in the office. But I survived. How will I manage this when the premiere rolls around?!? Just 66 days away now!
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