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I Will Survive -- 36 Down/16 to Go[me]
[+] I made it through my 1st week (out of infinity) of work! We had a long weekend so I only had 4 days of work so I shouldn't complain. I'm not about to use my 'work sucks' icon yet.

[-] I'm not used to it being night time when I get home, and there's barely time to Internet. Even if there is internet (duh) in the office. I can't be LJ-ing or reading fic during office hours.

[+] I don't want to jinx it, but I'm enjoying my work so far. My extremely nice boss Tasha makes it feel like I'm not doing work. It's only the first week and things are light, but I hope things continue in this vein. And just because...


[+] I hope everyone has a great week! I hate that I'm missing the (Kristen and Rob at the) VMA's. Now that's a downside of work.

My last day of bumhood (aka unemployment) and it rained so I spent it curled up at home reading fic. It doesn't hurt either that Hydraulic Level 5 updated and right before I go to work I see TWO Counterpoint updates. Fic updates are love ♥ It's been raining like crazy which scares me because I'll have to commute in the rain to work. Not fun at all. I wish gas weren't so expensive First day at work! Though I don't have any other first days of work to compare it to, I guess it wasn't such a bad deal. I've known my boss since forever and she's too nice to me. And the 'short-ish' commute to work really does work in my favor. It's still not sinking in that I am in fact working, and I have this eternal feeling that I'm gonna mess up, but it's all good. So far. Could not get any worse. I start the day by getting drenched despite my umbrella, because the rain is coming at you horizontally, then I forget my jacket and freeze my ass off at work. Come home to really slow internet and thus cannot d/l 90210 and find out that somehow I have a bunch of files missing and cannot retrieve them. End up going to bed quite sad. From one horrible day to a really great day: sunny morning? check! Big boss-less? check! messed up a bit, but made up by scoring my assignments at work? check. Picture with Piolo Pascual? check! going home early? check! pretty good 90210 season 2 premiere? check! FANTABULOUSLY AMAZING GLEE EPISODE? CHECK! I hope my luck doesn't run out.
Went to my first event for work and it was tiring as hell but it felt good to see all the stuff that I worked on the past three days come to life! It's good to know things were successful. I got starstruck meeting Anton from Our Awesome Planet! He's so nice. Also, my world is getting even smaller. One of my office mates is apparently the son of my dad's good friend. I had to get up early and play good sister to Paola by driving her to school and pick her up and bring her to a friend's house instead of going out. It was good to relax at home while it rained hard. The new 'New Moon' trailer was an added bonus too. SO FUCKING GOOD. Suddenly though, Saturday is over and I wonder where the hell did my weekend go!? Too fast! My university (UP) may not be very good at basketball but we're damn great at cheerdance. So though we didn't win for the third time in a row, it was still a sweet victory. I honestly believed UST (UP's sorta rival) would place (much more win) so I said I'd treat my siblings if they DIDN'T PLACE. Surprise! Now I have to fork over cash again. I should shut my mouth next time.

don't deny it, you know you want to cuddle in bed with Don too
after a long week at work (ew, i can't believe i can say that)
I'm looking at you _lexizzle. or fine, betty for you.

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