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Glee 01x02: Showmances

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This show knows how to name itself, because I felt nothing but glee while watching the second episode to this fantastic new show. I waited for jamypye to get home so we could watch this together because you need someone to squee with when this show is on. And I did NOTHING BUT SQUEE the entire time (with a really wide grin on my face) even though my grandma was probably scandalized during "Push It."

Emma Spends Ten Seconds in Heaven
I HATE TERRI and I wish Will would find out right away that she's not really pregnant because Will and Emma? TOO FREAKING CUTE. Helping him clean the classroom?! I feel so bad for Emma, but I can't blame her. Look how hot Will is in that janitor's outfit! I've never seen a janitor look this hot.

And come on! Ten seconds with that chalk dust on her nose! YES PLEASE. As long as it's Will smothering on the dirt on her! And the way Will is looking at her?! He's so mind-cheating. Will is so a mind-cheater. And I can't blame him either. Terri is horrid.

What ARE You Doing Will?
I kinda feel bad for Coach cause he seems like a semi-decent guy and the fact that he called Emma out on her behavior gains points for me. And yet he really likes her and is still asking her out and all. It sucks that Emma's caving in and going out with him, but it is the 'right' thing to do.

So when she asked Will what they were doing, and the way Will's face fell when she said she was going on a date, so proves something's going on between these two. I can see it. You can see it. They can see it. But freaking Terri is in the way. I say she goes away now.

Girls Want Sex Just As Much As Guys Do
The quiet desperation Rachel is going through is something I would have related to back in highschool (and even in college) when I'd like someone and it was always one sided. The way she pines for him is so familiar, I can't help but get a flashback, which makes me laugh at how creepy I probably was.

Rachel joining the Celibacy Club to be in the same vicinity as Finn only to see him dance with a balloon between him and Quinn is so pathetic but so real. I remember the really idiotic silly things I did when I liked someone. Oh how funny to look back on it and hope I never have to do that again.

You Know, You Can Kiss Me If You Want To
But I swear My heart just stopped when they did this! Pamy and I looked at each other and were thinking, is this a dream sequence?! And NO it wasn't! And it looks like Finn enjoyed it A LOT as well. I feel bad for Rachel now cause she's totally just confused and then she gets to kiss Finn (and not just kiss, lay down on that damn mat!) She just wanted a kiss, you didn't have to lay on her! DAAAAAMMMMMMMN though, that was hot.

And when she put her hand on top of his hand over his heart and he said it was beating so fast, I laughed a little cause they feel so high school (though NOTHING LIKE THIS ever happened to me back then). They're really cute in all their like for each other. I'm hoping for more squee-rific scenes like this one.


Gold Digger
This just cements my love in Matthew Morrison, though I totally give him to my sister, I can't help but drool. Seriously, stop being so hot.
Push It
ONLY THE GLEE KIDS CAN MAKE THIS LOOK RAD. Seriously. I was a little shocked at the crazy choreography, but it was totally campy and made of win. I don't know how they're going to top themselves with because this was pretty far out and outrageous. They want sex. So give it to them.
Say A Little Prayer
How adorable is Quinn?! I swear this girl is so beautiful and so mean and I love her. Their choreography so reminded me of the start of 'My Best Friends Wedding' just cause of its cuteness. And her voice! Wow. It's pretty good as well. I'm not so happy that she's joining the club but you know she brings drama. I can't wait.
Take A Bow
My heart totally bled as Rachel sang this just because what Finn did to her (kissing her and then totally leaving her hanging) wasn't cool at all. Look at her feel the song so much and sing it so well. This is slowly taking over my charts just because I listen to it so much already. And it's only been one day.
I won't even go into detail about how hilarious so many lines were especially those by Sue because it would take me forever and a day to do all that. But THIS SHOW (and Mad Men) have got to be my favorites this year.

I NEED MORE GLEE! More songs! More hilarity. More Will/Emma. More Finn/Rachel. Just more Glee. Fox, Please don't cancel this Pushing Daisies style! I will seriously throw a bitch fit if you do. Next week can't come fast enough.
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