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Work Stops When Piolo Is Around

sohightonight, this one's for you[me]
When I decided I'd be working for a tv network, I sort of had a feeling, I'd be seeing local 'celebrities' quite often. I didn't expect that I'd be seeing them every single day.

My first day on the job, I saw Erich Gonzales and two cute-ish actor-lets (who after research, I find out are Ejay Falcon and Xian Lim -- whom I thought was cuter) promoting their show Katorse. Yesterday, a band named Franco did a live streaming of some songs (they were pretty good). Those two days, I acted cool and didn't let the 'stars' faze me.

Today though, Piolo Pascual came to the office for a live chat and the office was at a standstill. And I'm NOT even a Piolo fan (cause I'm more a John Lloyd Cruz kind of girl). I'm so indifferent to him but when he stepped into the office, there was seriously something about him that made me kinda swoon.

None of us are even 'fans'

Look at those grins -- Diana, me, Piolo, Tasha and BettinaPhoto courtesy of me
When I first found out he was coming to the office, I didn't really mind. But today, as we actually saw the janitors bring in velvet ropes (to keep the repressed office workers at bay), I started getting excited! Why would they need velvet ropes?! Weren't the folks at Interactive so used to seeing celebs come in for chats?!? Apparently Piolo is a real big deal. And I totally understand.

I'm NOT a fan and yet I was totally totally getting giddy. WHY!?!!? I don't know. Was it his super pretty self? Probably? The fact that I see him on TV and the movies looking pretty and now I get to sit beside him on a couch despite the fact that he looked real tired? I think so.

Look at those guns

Pretty Despite the PeelPhoto courtesy of me

It's funny cause I was just talking to sohightonight about her watching Lobo and my non-watching of it and how I wasn't really a Piolo fan when this happens. Amarie! I was gonna ask him to carry the sign, but he looked so exhausted, I felt bad. He was really nice about the pictures and really quiet despite the crazy hyperventilation some of the other office folk were experiencing.

I gotta say, he really does have that movie star effect. I totally did not know what to say and one of the guys in the office said that when we left the room, he could literally feel the kilig vibes coming from us. And I'm not gonna lie, I did get kilig. And all from someone I don't even like. That's the Piolo power y'all.

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