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90210 02x01: To New Beginnings

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I was kind of skeptical going into this season of 90210. Just because it wasn't exactly my all time favorite last season so I was sort of deciding whether to go on this time around. And after the season premiere that I actually thoroughly enjoyed, I might just stick around. Though I enjoyed last season, this was always one of my 'backburner' shows. I'm hoping I enjoy it more now. And by the looks of this week's, I actually might.

Don't Mess with the New Queen Bees
It took a little getting used to seeing Adrianna, Naomi AND Silver all friendly. Then it dawned on me that Silver and Naomi used to be best friends and since Adrianna and Naomi were friends, it would make sense that they'd all hang out together AND boy was this a great decision! Silver seems so much less angsty? Very OOC from the first season but I guess she's loosened up and is not 'one of the girls' but it's just visually pretty to look at them! All their scenes together had so much life and just made me wish I had girlfriends like this. oh wait, I do. I just miss my friends. More on their prettiness later.

Naomi Isn't A Cheating Skank, She Just Isn't over Liam
I'm SO HAPPY that Naomi still has some of brain left in her cause older man isn't even hot enough to be worth the trouble. It's funny how his wife was the woman she got into a fight with, but of course! nothing happens here by coincidence, right?

I totally loved how she and Silver were all cute at the tennis court. My goodness they're so beautiful in their tennis whites. This is the second sign that I should go back to playing tennis. If only for the pretty uniforms and perky ponytails! Teddy has yet to grow on me, but not a bad introduction.

And poor Naomi. of course she's not over Liam. He is a cutie. I do miss Ozzie, but since we're obviously getting him, I'm totally cool with Liam. I hope their drama storyline is good though, I don't want to see her pining all the time. I want her happy with a boy! Naomi never is!!!

Silver Cut Off Her Hair While Dixon Cut Off Her Oxygen Supply
Oh lookie! Silver's sort of made up her mind! But no, she's getting texts from Ethan. I think Ethan is cute but blah while Dixon is nice but blah. I wasn't even a big Silver fan last season, but her haircut this season is making me love her. I'm so shallow.

And adding Silver to the trio makes me love her more! I love her by association. And you know what else I love? How Teddy seems to be making connections with all three ladies. First with Naomi, but before that Adrianna obviously and even some Silver on the side. I like this. I also love the 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' comment. Good play writers. I need more of the trio!

No-Sex-Navid and No-Drama-Adrianna
And though I love Adrianna/Navid, I'm really excited to see how much havoc Teddy can bring considering he's already his fingers into all three ladies business. I obviously couldn't forget how Adrianna just had a baby as we all get reminders every other second, but it's expected. She did give it up last time we saw her.

The dance they're all doing? What is that? They all look hilarious. Meanwhile we get more dancing care of Teddy/Adrianna. Now I can't decide who I want Teddy to end up with. Silver? Just for kicks? I'm not sure. But I feel bad for Navid. Boy desperately wants to get laid. Too bad.

And look, no photo of Annie? I was going to, but decided that the only thing I really liked about her this episode was her outfit! I'm not as skinny as her, but I'd like to wear that to work. Also, brooding doesn't work for her. Is this the start of rebellious!Annie? We'll see.

Too Much Pretty, Too Too Thin

Like I said, I found the shots of the three girls together so pretty! I think they're mew new OT3! I swear, these kids better not fight. They can pick on Annie, it's okay, but no internal wars okay? Cause their close ups are so gorgeous. Silver really came into her own with the short hair. Adrianna looks so bombshell with the long hair and Naomi's still skinny as ever. I have never felt so fat in my life. But still, doesn't take away from the fact that I want to be friends with these girls.

I gotta give it to the writers. They gave a pretty good season premiere. I wasn't expecting anything and it actually really genuinely entertained me. I'm hoping they keep this up just because I'm liking what I've seen so far. Make me want to live in the zip!
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