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You know that song by Limp Bizkit where they say something about faith? Well, the wrong lyrics are running through my head at this moment because I for one, don't really know the exact lyrics. But, as I sit here in front of the screen trying to figure out what I'm going to write in my apostolic group's Mission Statement for class, I'm kind of stumped.

It's embarassing to know that I am Catholic and I can't even define the word, so I looked it up in the dictionary and it says that faith is complete trust and confidence; firm especially religious belief; loyalty and trustworthiness. Great. How am I going to do this now? I believe in God, but I can't really say I'm super holy.

My teacher is really great. It's been a while since I had a teacher who made sense and made me listen to her straight for an hour and not fall asleep. She has this amazing presence that you just get so drawn into the discussion. It's really odd how I dread her assignments when she in herself is just such a dynamic teacher. The things she thinks about are just out of this world. Nevertheless, I have to do this assignment. Grr...

School was okay today. We had Lab already and I thought we were going to be doing experiments already. Thank goodness we just precision and accuracy of stuff. I like that better. Lab reports are not my thing at all, but hey, you gotta live with that, right? We didn't have PE yet either and that's pretty nice. I don't want to get too sweaty first thing in the morning because it is my first period. Oh well, seven more days and I'll be sweating away in Physical Education. Really, it's my kind of thing. Do you see the sarcastic smile on my face yet?

Oh and I just have to rant. I have the most obnoxious carpool mates. Yes, they are guys and I was okay with that, but they just keep picking on these two younger kids. Yes, kids. These people are supposed to be emotionally and mentally mature, after all, they are my batchmates, but did that stop them from bothering two little kids who had done nothing to do them? Nope! Instead, they didn't even give them a chance to sleep. These children were just plain tired from a long day of school and instead of being able to sleep, these people would tease them and laugh at them. Ugh! What has the world gotten to?

Anyway, I think I've spent enough time here. I have to do a lot of other things and watch Meteor Garden. I know it's already seven plus, but thanks to my very patient family, I have the taped versions (without advirtisements, mind you) of one of my FAVORITE shows. Hmm... Just the thought of Dao Ming Shi makes me shiver.

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