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Mad Men 03x04: The Arrangements

I'm always on the lookout from when my country gets a shoutout in anything! And this week's Mad Men episode mentioned Manila in their evening telecast! I'm too lazy to figure out what historical event during the American occupation was worth mentioning on the news, but it just warms my heart. The shocker in this episode is that *gasp* Betty Draper isn't so perfectly coiffed all the time! My world is shattered.

I Fear for Sally Draper's Future
How fantastic is Kiernan Shipka?! I usually hate the 'parallel stories' in shows. Like when it's a show about kids, I don't like the adult storyline and since this is about adults, I'd usually hate the kids but Sally Draper is so much love with her stealing and Tom-Collins-making ways. Ever since she started bonding with Gene, I could feel his eventual death would be horrible on her.

And she really gave it her all. I don't blame her. Look at Gene letting her drive, and letting her eat icecream and asking her what fruit she wanted (peaches -- even if Bobby was allergic to it). She's grandpa's little girl and it really got to me when after he died, she totally stands up to her mom and goes to bed with the book she always read to her grandpa.

Kiernan was amazing in this episode and now I worry for Sally's future. I feel she'll be a little rebel especially with Grandpa Gene telling her she can do anything no matter what her mom says. Oh dear. Headache for Don and Betty.

AND NEWS ALERT: BETTY ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE A NORMAL PREGNANT LADY THIS EPISODE! For one scene at least. And it was refreshing to see her humanized without the hair in place and just looking like a frazzled housewife who doesn't have it all together. But of course, she fixes up when Don's around. How can she not?!

Sally: He's gone forever and nobody even knows that.
He's dead and he's never coming back and
nobody cares that he's really really really gone

Peggy's Branching Out to Manhattan
Joan helping Peggy Margaret out with her flier was such a sweet gesture on Joan's part. Look at her dishing out advice now that she's married and all. And so pretty at that. I swear I wanted to hit the secretary for helping the boys prank Peggy. Poor Kid.

And look! More Bones folk coming over! It's Daisy! And she's going to be Peggy's Norwegian Swedish roomie! Isn't she just like Daisy except from the 50s?!? This really makes me happy. I need Daisy and Nigel to hook up on Mad Men. This would be fantastic.

Also Peggy, you're my idol. One day I'm gonna buy my dad and mom a flat screen, except then I'll be staying with them so I can reap the benefits of this flat screen as they would love it too much if I moved out.

Joan: Fun loving girl. Responsible sometimes. Likes to laugh.
Lives to love. Seeks size six for city living and general gallivanting.
No dull moments or dull men tolerated! Or something like that.

Looks like Sterling Cooper is Going to Fail
Look guys! It's Aaron Stanford (Zooey Deschanel's erstwhile indie lover on film!)! I loved him in Flakes and Live Free or Die (both with Zooey) and it's just so fun see him all Mad Men-ified and dropping the millions over... JAI ALAI!

I don't know about history but Pete Campbell is in for something because Jai Alai is known to me as a gambling game. Seriously. I doubt it ever replaced Baseball and now I fear for Sterling Cooper (and PETE) as Hoho seems to be holding them accountable if it fails and I feel it will. Nevertheless, how nice of Don to look out for Hoho even if Pete was just all about the money. Watch this blow up in their faces.

Look at Don and all that swagger
That is how you break an antique boys
Don: Bill it to the kid

Bye Bye To Sal's Faux Heterosexuality
As much as I feel bad that Sal has not come out of his beautiful closet, I feel worse for his wife. Look at her try to seduce her husband into having sex with her! And she's not even asking for much! She's just damn horny!!!! Poor girl. Someone needs to invest in a vibrator instead of lingerie because your husband dear isn't buying your wares. Sorry honey.

I felt so bad for her as she watched him reenact Bye Bye Birdie as I felt she had her epiphany! I can already hear her thinking why have I never seen my husband look this comfortable and now he looks in his element while copying Ann Margaret sing Bye Bye Birdie. Something must be wrong. Oh yes dear. I think she's sort of seeing the signs. Finally.

And though I feel bad for Sal as his attempt at directing failed miserably, at least, like Don said, he's not a commercial director. Way to move up the ladder boy. Now I can't wait to see Sal take a more active role. I feel this new title is a step into coming out more. It was sweet of Don to reassure Sal when he was feeling down and out about it.

And for this week's Don Draper charms his way into my panties moment of the week. Surprisingly, Don didn't sleep with anyone who wasn't his wife so I'm going to give him props for that. And look at the little things he did in this episode. You could tell he was trying to be nice to Sally but also trying to appease his wife right after Gene died. But when he woke up and tucked Betty in and proceeded to check in on Sally? It's the most demonstrative thing I could expect from Don. Stop being so nice!

In Don's world, checking in on you after your grandpa dies
is equivalent to a kiss and hug to show he loves you

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