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What's the matter here? Feeling kinda anxious?

[It's time 35 Down/17 to go!]
[+] If it weren't for the non-working holiday tomorrow, I'd be reporting for work. That's right. I finally landed a job which I'm sort of scared/nervous excited about. After much ruminating, I just manned up made my choice. I hope it's worth it.
[+] This week went by so fast with all the decisions I had to make. I'm wondering how work will change my life. Am I ready? Probably not, but I'm diving feet head first anyway.
It's official. Every Monday should be a holiday. I get so spoiled with long weekends even if there isn't anything 'long' about it. Spent my day catching up on the amazing Emancipation Proclamation all thanks to poetrytorpose. Really good stuff! Also chatted with _lexizzle. I miss him! I spoke to my aunt who actually works in the media planning industry and though I'm still not quite decided with anything, I feel 'better informed' now and less conflicted?! I don't want to talk cause I feel like a pendulum just swinging back and forth. I wonder how I'll feel about this tomorrow. Grrrr. I got to Makati for my 2nd interview at 7am, 2 hours ahead of schedule. So I hung out at Starbucks to kill time. On my way home from the interview, I walked the entire length of North Avenue from Trinoma to the QC Circle cause I was too lazy to wait for a jeep. Walking = Thinking. I needed that.

Though my negotiation skills won't exactly save hostages, I think I have enough to convince an employer that I'm worth a bit more. I'm really excited/scared at the thought of employment, but I had a good 4 months of rest so I won't complain. I'm gonna live up my last 3 days 4 days of freedom. I feel like such a model citizen. Well, not really, but despite the rains and the laziness, i actually dragged my ass out of bed before 9am!!! and went to City Hall to register to vote. Sure, i'm like four years late! But I'm not going to miss the 2010 elections even if I'm not so hot about the candidates! Hello unexpected long weekend! The rains made me lazy and kept me inside all day. I finsihed The Art of Undressing (one of my new faves! It's brilliantly funny and relatable) and finally watched Speak! Little Kstew has a penchant for making out with older boys (Eric and Ryan) in films? Y/Y? It's been raining steadily and since my grandma's staying with us, we actually rode the car to church (we live RIGHT ACROSS it). It was fun to ride the car, we never get to do that. I finally got to start watching Lost in Austen thinking it was like the Lost in Austen book. It isn't, but I love them both!

Also many many thanks to petitecherie and everyone else who commented for sending me SO MUCH LOVE when I needed it most. Unexpected and yet totally timely. I ♥ you guys!

Scared, excited, anxious, worried, raring to go
I'm not following in anyone's footsteps now
Going in blind, with no pattern to follow
Please please don't let me mess up
Don't be too harsh, real world

Tags: 2009 weekender, first job, meme, more family, siblings, vacation, weather and calamities
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