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Look Ma! No Jacob! (For Now At Least!)

75 Days To Go![Lion and Lamb Love]
This isn't exactly a 'new poster' cause we saw the teeny tiny version of it a few weeks ago, but FINALLY! A great way to start the weekend is this sort of new poster for New Moon that is sans Jacob! Could it be?!?

I gotta say, Bella looks more like a vampire than Edward does, but you will hear no complaints from me whatsoever just because I'm so happy to see some E/B loving without some Jacob in between. I see Summit really selling this Jacob thing complete with Teen Vogue covers for Taylor. I like this kid, so I won't gripe, since Rob did get a orgasm-inducing GQ cover, but still, you can never have too many covers right?

Anyway, here's another Edward poster, but since they're fair like that, Jacob's got one too! And Now Onto Some Eclipse Loving...

New Baddies Break The Ice

Though I'm missing Rachelle Lefevre, I'm loving Xavier Samuel as Riley. The first photos I saw from the Eclipse set had the new Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard is showing a lot of booty!) and Riley macking it under some bridge of sorts. I have to do my Eclipse-re-read after I finally watch New Moon just so I won't be missing anything and I'm really excited to read up on Riley because Xavier is such a cutie.

Oh We See You Edward and your little Coke can too!

And because Rob had somehow dodged the paparazzi prior to this (I actually give him props for that, I'm sure it wasn't easy), it was nice to see him in all his Edward glory. Looking good (but what's new?) and it's good to see that he's not tooooooo powdered up. But then again, we'll have to see when actual promo stills or footage comes out. Still, Rob + Coke + Dressed as Edward = YOU CANNOT GO WRONG.

Forks High Is Graduating Already

CHARLIEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I swear I love Charlie more and more every time I re-read the books and see the movie. Billy Burke is so unlike Charlie when in street clothes (so bad ass actually), but when he's all gussied up as Bella's daddy, I can't help but melt.

And this is the first we see of Bella as well and the infamous wig. I'd rather Kristen protect her hair than damage it more with whatever they do to it. I'm actually really easy to please so I don't really have anything against it. I'll trust David Slade for now and hope he knows what he's doing. Who knows, it might look really good on film right?

And I don't think I've ever been this excited to see the humans! Look! It's Mike and Eric and Angela and Jessica all dressed up for graduation!!! I'm so happy to see them, I do not know why. And some bonus Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene as well! Jackson + Hat = Totally Adorable. He's really got this swagger to him.

Look! Bella's Chilling in Florida

And the photos that caused fandom to go crazy over wigs! I guess the hairline could use some work, but I'm really not that picky and nothing can look as bad as Jacob's wig in the first movie, so I'm really hopeful for this. I'm excited to see the Florida scenes as well, though Edward did stay indoors, cause I feel like Melissa Rosenberg will at least give us something from this trip considering Bella just glossed over it in the book.

So there's the new 'New Moo'n trailer at the MTV VMA's to look forward to, more Eclipse photos hopefully, the LA Premiere of New Moon on Nov. 16 and the actual movie only 75 days away. Yep, I'm not excited at all.
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