Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Finally Registered

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“I finally was able to register to vote. I know that I'm already 22, I actually was supposed to register when I was 18. There was an election, I think, and I wasn't able to vote that time. And so I made a vow that the next election that came around, I'd be able to vote.

But then I kept putting it off, and finally yesterday, I just told myself, 'tomorrow, I'm gonna do it.' So when I woke up this morning and it was raining, and I got so lazy to go to City Hall, but I did it anyway. Of course the queue was horrible and I there weren't any signages. I actually went to the Comelec website the night before and filled out the application forms beforehand.

But for the lack of a better word, it was sooooo disorganized. It's just so annoying cause people are going there to register and I wish they could have made it easier. It was raining and it was so crowded. But anyway, I registered and I can finally vote!

Not that there's anybody worth voting for, but at least I've exercised my civic duty. And there are 200+ days left till the next election next year so there's a lot of time to ponder things. But there! I just wanted to share! I can now vote! Or at least I registered and I don't think they'll disapprove it. But yay, I can vote!”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: politics, voice post
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